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Italian Classics | Ragù alla Salsiccia

Class 3

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Private Class
1-2 Guest 1-2 Zoom addresses
3-10 Guests Price each additional Guest/zoom address

Learn How To Make Pasta Ragù & No Bake Cheesecake 

Prepare your epic meal led by a talented and friendly chef, discover the secrets of Italian cuisine, and learn some golden rules in the kitchen while cooking with your private culinary coach.

SAUSAGE RAGOUT. Another stunning sauce that is a must-learn. This version is much loved in the tasty Tuscany region. Caramelization is involved; dried pasta and canned tomatoes are best practice; and pork, not beef, is the meat of choice.

Chef Abram will enter into your kitchen, virtually, and share with you his Top Tips and Tricks to make the most amazing Italian food at home.

Main: Tagliatelle with a Ragout of Porc Sausage & Thyme
Dessert: No Bake Cheesecake