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Italian Classics Class

Quick Details

Private Class
1 Person
2-5 Persons Each additional person
6-10 Persons Each additional person

Make a Three-Course Menu Like a Pro

Let’s plan your trendy, innovative and fun virtual cooking class. Learn to make Italy’s iconic dishes and cook like a pro. Invite Italy to your table!

Milan, Rome, Naples, Sicily, Tuscany… every city and region of the boot is interesting to explore for the variety of delicious flavours they offer.

Let’s discover some gorgeous tastes together, live from Chef Abram’s kitchen to yours. Choose from a list of the most iconic dishes from the north to the south of Italy and create your wonderful three-course Italian menu.

You can’t miss this private virtual cooking classes if you love Italian food and can’t wait to reproduce it at home.

Join us and let the spirit of Italy share your table with instruction from Chef Abram, an International Gourmet Chef and Food Consultant, with more than 25 years of experience in the finest spots and Michelin-Star restaurants of Northern Europe and Italy.

Prepare your epic meal led by a talented and friendly chef, discover the secrets of Italian cuisine, and learn some golden rules in the kitchen while cooking with your private culinary coach.

Chef Abram will enter into your kitchen, virtually, and share with you his top tips and tricks to make the most amazing Italian food at home. The class is co-hosted by Cecilia, a passionate story teller and event designer, who can’t wait to entertain you with gorgeous tales of Italy.

Once you proceed with the booking, you’ll have the chance to select the dishes we’ll be making during the virtual cooking class. Note that the chef can accommodate any dietary restrictions and so please drop us a mail and let us know if you have some special requests.

Please, explore our delicious 3 course menu offerings below:

a close up of food