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Leftover Makeover Class. No Waste, Yes Taste!

Quick Details

Private class 1 Zoom access each class

Make Amazing Dishes with Your Leftovers!

Enjoy a no-waste cooking lesson! Your private chef teaches you how to reduce your grocery shopping and how to make amazing recipes with your leftovers.

Let your private chef enter into your fridge. Well, not literally, of course. He scans every single ingredient you have at home and shows you the many recipes you can make. Minimum effort, maximum result. Great, isn’t it?

Class Highlights

  • Learn to save time and money while creating delicious recipes based on what you have available in your fridge!
  • Your lead chef teaches you how to use the leftovers in your fridge in a very creative and delicious way. No more waste!
  • Find out how many delicious and healthy recipes you can make with just a few ingredients available.
  • Let yourself be inspired by your private, legendary and friendly chef. Ask him anything you want — this is your time!
  • Learn an efficient method of grocery shopping and organising your meals in a very easy and delicious way. No more stress!
  • Have fun! It doesn’t matter what you are doing; just enjoy the moment and have fun. Life is beautiful, and cooking is one of the best parts!

What to Expect

There are many delicious, quick, healthy and low-budget dishes you can make by using just a few ingredients. Most of the time, we believe we don’t enough food in our fridge to create a nice meal. You know what? Most of the time, we are wrong.

Chef Abram comes into your kitchen, virtually, to show you the infinite power of ‘less is more’ when you’re cooking. After getting a good look at your fridge and your pantry, he develops three delicious recipes based on what’s available, teaching you some of his tips and tricks to maximise the results with minimum effort.