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Pasta Making Class | Lasagna Neapolitan Style

Class 2

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Private Class
1-2 Guest 1-2 Zoom addresses
3-10 Guests Price each additional Guest/zoom address

Learn How To Make Fresh Pasta & Lasagna Neapolitan Style      

Prepare your epic meal led by a talented and friendly chef, discover the secrets of Italian cuisine, and learn some golden rules in the kitchen while cooking with your private culinary coach.

NEAPOLITAN STYLE LASAGNA. If you love lasagna, you are going to A-do-re this triumph of flavours made in Naples.

What are the ingredients in this boombastic Neapolitan style lasagna?

Veal rolls & ribs, tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, boiled eggs, salami, besciamella, mozzarella, basil & parmesan or pecorino.
What a feast of taste… Perfect for the Sunday lunch with the family or special gatherings!
Oh, do not forget: lasagna sheets are made from scratch 😉

Chef Abram will enter into your kitchen, virtually, and share with you his Top Tips and Tricks to make the most amazing Italian food at home.

Fresh Pasta: Pasta Lasagna Sheets from Scratch
Filling: Ragu Neapolitan Style
Starter: Bruschetta Gourmet