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Vegetarian Delights Class

Quick Details

Private Class
1 Person
2-5 Persons Each additional person
6-10 Persons Each additional person

Make a Fully Vegetarian Three-Course Meal

Let’s plan your trendy, innovative and fun virtual cooking class. Learn to make Italy’s iconic dishes and cook like a pro. Invite Italy to your table!

Chef Abram says that when he cooks vegetarian dishes, he feels like a painter, with a palette full of special colors and flavors! That’s why he adores to create vegetarian delights, and he can’t wait to teach you how to make amazing vegetarian dishes to surprise your family and friends.

Following his instructions and watching him live while he’s preparing a colorful, healthy and delicious meal, you learn how to make happy food for a happy mood in the most fun way. Chef Abram is ready to welcome you into his vibrant Italian kitchen and share with you his most powerful vegetarian recipes.

Whether your skill level is beginner or advanced, you are going to become a pro. During this delicious class, Chef Abram watches and assists you step by step while you are reproducing what is going to become your favourite menu.

Once you proceed with the booking, you’ll have the chance to select the dishes we’ll be making during the virtual cooking class. Note that the chef can accommodate any dietary restrictions and so please drop us a mail and let us know if you have some special requests.

Please, explore our delicious vegetarian menu offerings below: