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I Eat Food Tours arrived to Naples. Come join us!

on March 16, 2019 | By Cecilia Puca

I Eat Food Tours arrived to the city of Naples!

This shoot has been taken from Posillipo. What a painting!

After the success achieved in Turin, I Eat Food Tours is enthusiastic to continue its tasty journey across Italy.

We are happy to invite you to join our lively walking Food Tours now also available in the marvellous city of Naples!

Naples, a city in southern Italy, sits on the Bay of Naples is a gem to be explored.

Nearby is Mount Vesuvius, the still-active volcano that destroyed nearby Roman town Pompeii. Dating to the 2nd millennium B.C., Naples has centuries of important art and architecture. The city’s cathedral, the Duomo di San Gennaro, is filled with frescoes. Other major landmarks include the lavish Royal Palace and Castel Nuovo, a 13th-century castle. (Wikipedia).

Glorious! Piazza del Plebiscito.

Be enchanted by its full glory and its unforgattable flavors.

Tris of Neapolitan sweet treats. You gonna taste them during our food tours!

Bruschetta XXL made in Naples

On our small group tours you will be immersed in the city’s culture while enjoying the best cuisine that the city has to offer.

We have selected the best culinary gems of the historical centre and the most ‘veraci’ food experts and guides, locally well established, to ensure you unique experiences and exclusive perspectives.

Our vibrant team of food ambassadors join the mission of  I Eat Food Tours, which basically consists of making you HAPPY!

Fully satisfield and sure that your experience will stay in your memories for so long time (hopefully for ever).

While we were creating I Eat Food Tours, Abram and I, Founder and co-founder, always sayed that the company shoud have represent who we really are: curious persons -always looking for something that makes vibrate our heart- who love to be embraced by beauty in all its forms.

Who believe in the super power of food to bring all togheter.

Who love to see other people happy, as that makes us happy as well…

Well, we can assure you that our wishes became true.

People who join us can deeply feel who we are as much as they can fell and recognize that the experiences we have created are really made with love, passion, knowledge and creativity.

This is just for say that our foodies in Naples, and in the next cities where we’re arriving, are similar to us for many reasons. That’s why they are now part of the I EAT FOOD TOURS’ FAMILY! We are sure you gonna love them 🙂

Having sayed this, Naples it’s a city made of conviviality and tastes.

It’s the scent of basil, tomatoes, baked pizza.

Fried pizza, named Montanarina.

Neapolitan Margherita with buffalo mozzarella.

Napoli it’s home even when it’s your first time here.

All you have to do now is come and join our food adventures!

Find out what we have prepared for making your senses glow:



We can’t wait to meet you for sharing food, culture and lots of fun.

See you there and in Turin as well 🙂




Cecilia Puca


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