La Dolce Torino | Chocolate & Sweets Tour

Duration: 2.5 Hour

Location: Centre of Turin



Min. 2 Guests Required!


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This experience captures the essence and history of Turin, which is closely related with its historical cafes and chocolate houses.

  • Stroll through the most elegant and charming side of the city centre and step into the time when Turin was the first Italian Capital;
  • Experience a chocolate-lovers paradise: Turin is the city where the Gianduia chocolate - one of the best in the world- was invented in 1856;
  • Visit beautiful coffee and chocolate houses, a slow food presidium gelateria, and a gorgeous chocolate atelier;
  • Sample a large variety of the finest local chocolate products, coffee and craft delights;
  • Learn about the long history behind Tourinese chocolate culture;
  • Enjoy the exciting stories with which you'll be entertained by your passionate storyteller and food ambassador;
  • This sweet and intimate experience is the perfect gift for yourself and your dear ones. Best chocolate and treats in town and top locations.

'I Eat Food Tours' Certificate of Excellence 2019 TripAdvisor;

Minimum 2 Guests Required on this Tour! A 1 Person tour becomes automatically a Private Tour;

We tour rain or shine! Please dress accordingly (Check the weather forcast before the Tour starts);

This Tour Runs from 4.00 to 6.30pm (Monday to Saturday);

The experience runs always in English. Italian is also possible on private Tours. Please let us know

We suggest to wear comfortable walking shoes and light clothing in the summer (heels not suggested);

Very small group tours ensures a comfortable experience for everyone;

Please, arrive on time at the starting point. The guide can't keep other guests waiting. Thank you!

What to Expect

Chocolate & Sweets. Unique Locations for Memorable Treats is the perfect Experience for those who like to explore the rich history of Turin through its marvellous cafes and chocolate boutique.

If  you  are  a  chocolate  lover and  you  would  like to step back to  the  magic  18th century atmosphere, you’re absolutely  in the  right  city and  the Chocolate & Sweets is definitely Your  tour!  

Turin  is the Kingdom of  one the  best chocolate  in  the world, named Gianduja

Proposed  in  various  types (cream, warm  and  liquid,  as cakes  and pastry’s  ingredient…) our  chocolate  has  the power  to  create always  the  same kind of effect: it makes you feel  in Heaven for a while thanks its unique taste.

Besides,  if  we  add  the breathless  beauty  of  historical  cafes and chocolate houses in  the  heart  of  the city, then we  are  sure  you will not  resist to this charming tour.

But it doesn’t stop here.

We believe in traditions as much as we think it’s important to constantly improve and innovate those traditions with a kind and smart touch of modernity.

That’s why during this experience we’ll introduce you the modern Chocolate’s Great Masters; their marvellous atelier, their philosophy… and their irresistibly delicious creations as well!

Last but not the least: how about icecream?

Well, we are sure to surprise you with one of the best Italian gelato in the world! (New York Times says so and we ensure it!)

Therefore, we guarantee to awaken your senses and tickle your tastebuds with:

-The finest selection of fancy artisanal chocolate, 100% made in Turin, including The Giandujotto, of course;

-The famous Bicerin, the traditional hot drink native to Turin, made of espresso, drinking chocolate, and whole milk served layered in a small rounded glass. (In the category irresistibly delicious!);

-A typical local dessert with a long past;

-Heavenly icecream.

Having sayed that, we keep a bit of surprise effect and we can’t wait to share our local Gods’Nectare with you: come  to discover the royal sweet treats made in Turin and selected by I Eat Food Tours!

You will find out very soon why we call them Royal


NOTE1: The samples we selected can vary according to the season; the places selected according to the closing day or the holiday time.

NOTE2: Check out Turin Street Food Tour D’luxe if you’d like to explore also the large gastronomic scene in town!

Where to Meet

Your local foodie will welcome you at Piazza Carlo Alberto, to the statue in the centre of the piazza.

You can see precisely the meeting point on the map below.

Parking possibilities to the parking lot 'Roma, San Carlo, Castello'.

If you come by bus:

From Porta Nuova railway station just walk 10 minutes over Via Roma in the direction of Piazza Castello.

From Porta Susa railway station, take the bus nr 13 or 56. Stop 'Castello'.

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Have questions? Here's the most frequently asked.

Unfortunately the guide can not wait, as we don’t want to, and can’t let wait other guests!

In case of delay, please inform us by calling the number that is written on your booking and ticket, so we can guide you to the next stop (tasting) and you can join from there the rest of the group/tour again.

Unfortunately you will miss than the first part of the Tour, and tasting(s), so ‘Please’ Be on Time! and go out from your staying a little bit sooner. (As the City Centre can be pretty crowdy!)

Gratuities are greatly appreciated, although not mandatory. The standard gratuity in the service industry is 15%.

Yes, the tour guide can ask you to show the ID of your Child or Infant at the start of the Tour.

Please  let  us  know  if  you  (or  anyone  in  your  group)  have  any  dietary  restrictions  (e.g. vegetarian,  diabetic,  allergy,  etc.)  when  you inquire for the tour. As long as we know in advance, we’ll be happy and do our best to accommodate your needs

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Cecilia and Abram were excellent hosts during our chocolate tour of Turin. The entire experience felt very personal and both Cecilia and Abram were obviously very passionate about the long standing heritage of chocolate production in Turin. The tastings were delicious and this was most definitely...

Louis, London, United Kingdom.

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