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Shopping Tour | Discover Turin with your Personal Shopper

Duration: 4 Hour approx

Location: Turin City Center

2 Adults

229 Euro

Start at 10 am or 12 pm



Valentine Gift Certificate

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Shop, have fun and discover a beautiful city one deal at the time with your Star Guide and Local Shopping Guru! This is a Private Experience

  • If your time in Turin is limited, this private Shopping Tour makes the most of it. Walk, Eat, Shop & Live the Magic of Turin;
  • Customize your itinerary to suit your interests. Please let us know your wish lists ahead of time: we love turing your desires into reality
  • Make your own hours: 10 am to 2 pm 12 to 4 pm
  • A lively Private Personal Shopper and knowledgeable Food Expert will make the experience very entertaining and vibrant;
  • By choosing our Award Winning Tours in Italy you allow yourself to get the most excellent experience. Being unique is a part of our service!
  • Receive insights into Turin's history, city of style and culinary gems. A lively storytelling will make your shopping time very pleasent;
  • Enjoy your relaxing time like a tourist, while getting the chance to feel like a local. No touristic traps. Yes Best Shopping Deals!

Shopping Tour is always a Private Experience

Dear all, for information and future bookings please write a mail at

We hope that soon we’ll be able to share with you wonderful moments and exquiste experiences in Turin. In a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Meantime, stay safe!


Sending you Lots of Love,

Cecilia & Abram


the best deals in Turin with your exuberant Personal Shopper Tourinese. Pick your favourite shopping experiences to take home authentic Italian goodies. Spend some lovely and fun time together with your personal shopper who knows the language and the best deals.

Enjoy some tasty bites and cute coffee bistros en route.


  • THEME 1:  Open Markets & Artisanal Shops
    Morning Tour.
  • THEME 2:  Luxury Shopping & Niche Boutiques
    Morning or Afternoon Tour.
  • THEME 3:  Artisanal Shops & Luxury Shops

A balance combination of the best shops in Turin (cheese&delicatessen, wines shops, chocolate boutiques, souvenir shops, luxury shopping mall…).


Her name is Cecilia, or simply your Star Guide.

She will take you through the whole shopping experience with love and passion for the city of Turin and its beautiful gems.

She is most happy to share local insights, unique stories and tons of suggestions on other activities to join or shops to visit.

In case you also like to visit other cities, just let her know and she’ll provide you with a helpful list on how to best experience La Dolce Vita.
(‘Cause the love&passion she puts in everything she does shine throughough the entire city).
Cecilia is a super friendly & multi passionate person: she is a personal shopper, an authentic foodie and also a life & travel coach and Event Designer. Therefore you’ll be benefit from unique insights over your experience with her…

This Shopping Tour can be totally tailored accordingly to your interests and wishes. Just drop us a mail to share what you are looking for and Cecilia will create the most flawless experience for you and your beloved ones: sure

Look below for some specialties:

  • Are you looking to find  the smallest local shops that provide the best service,  highest quality of food products (… and great prices as well)?
  • Are you looking for unique clothing, shoes, bags& parfumes boutiques?
  • Is it more antique & vintage stuff , books, handmade-jewelry you like to look for?
  • Are you a make-up enthusiast or do you have someone at home who adores your shiney looks make up?
  • Are you fond of luxury products from some famous Italian high-end brands?
    You’re lucky: Your Star Guide got them A-L-L!

The List could go on and on…


That’s why we like to have your wish list as soon as you possibly can, in order to custoize the most memorable experience JUST-FOR-YOU! We love to show you every corner of Turin, with its magical, secret, hidden spots. This includes culinary gems and selected range of shops and ateliers that are unique to the city and not mentioned in any tourist guide.


Since shopping requires a certain amount of calorie investment, Cecilia will suggest you the best spots to get the most delightful treats.

You’ll be visiting the homeland of Eataly, the kingdom of the Italian chocolate and the region where the Slow Food Movement and even the aperitivo ritual started…
You would not want to miss the chance to savour her selection of Turin’s best, local specialties!

Again, with Cecilia you are in great hands.

(Cecilia is a food lover and she perfectly knows where to get the best products and share the stories of the brave people behind them. She’ll be more than happy to share her favorite spots with you). From breakfast to aperitif, Turin is plenty of goodness to experience.

Both experiences allow you to discover why Turin has been nominated for the Master City Of Taste in Italy.


Furthermore, you’ll be amazed by fantastic scenaries and special spots Turin has to offer…It is a very romantic and elegant city with large and precious squares that tell about the very poetic soul of this gorgeous Goddess with many faces.
Imagine yourself being immersed into the beauty of the city with a rich history, full of joy… and the most interesting places to go shopping and savour the local flavour of the Piedmont region.

Are you imagining the scene? Perfect, now stop imagining and start
creating your own Shopping Tour in Turin with your personal Star Guide!

See you soon for some Shop & The City!






Shopping and Eating make a great combo. Join this lively experience with your personal shopper. Best deals, great food, tons of fun ensured!

(THEME 1) Open Markets & Artisanal Shops

Morning Tour.
Includes a luxury breakfast and a beautiful lunch, placed between having shopping.

(THEME 2) Luxury Shopping & Niche Boutiques

Afternoon/Evening Tour.
Includes refined sweet afternoon snacks (chocolate, pralines, pastries...) and a luxury aperitif (cocktail or wine and mini cold and warm dishes).

(THEME 3) Artisanal Shops & Luxury Shops

A balance combination of the best shops in Turin (cheese&wines shops, chocolate boutiques, souvenir shops, luxury shopping mall...)

Ar you staying in the centre of Turin? Your Personal Shopper will pick you up at your hotel or apartment.
If Not, we'll provide you instructions for getting to the starting point of the experience.

Get Directions

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What is the cancelation policy of I Eat Food Tours?

Due to the Coronavirus we are, sadly, cancelling all food tours up until June 2th, 2020.

At this point in time there are two options for ticket-holders to choose from:

We will quickly convert your tickets into a Gift Certificate that never expires. It will be good for 100 years!
You can use it easily to re-book a food tour with us when things go back to normal.
Choosing the E-gift certificate option will help keep our business afloat during this time.

We can reschedule your tickets on a future tour.

We hope that you are safe and healthy.
And thank you so much for supporting our small business, it means everything!

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*First and foremost, we’re human too! We understand that mistakes, illnesses and emergencies happen and those things can all get in the way of attending and arriving on time for a food tour. And our response is always… human, and fair. So please always contact us;  to discuss situations as early as you become aware of them.


*At the same time, we do encourage you to be thoughtful about requesting a last minute change and to save that privilege Only for Unique Situations (listed below) since your spots on the tour are being held for you (it’s always very difficult for us to resell your tickets with limited time). Additionally, as part of our company philosophy, we always aim to keep a good balance between pleasing you (our customer) and being fair to our hard working tour guides who also have babies and doggies to feed and whose salary also depends on advance ticket purchases. We’re sure you understand the balance we try to maintain in keeping everyone super satisfied. Please see details below.


*Refund Policy:
Under normal circumstances your Food Tour tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.
If you have a medical, family emergency, or your travel plans changed due to serious unforeseen circumstances, please contact us as soon as possible by call the number written on your e-ticket, or mail to . We can make exceptions and convert your tickets into a gift certificate or give you a refund (only for cancelations made 14 days prior the tour date)  if you will not be returning to Turin in the near future.


*Reschedule Policy:
Your Food Tour Tickets CAN BE RESCHEDULED within reason.
Please contact us minimum 72+ hours before your scheduled tour if you need to reschedule your tickets.
If you have a medical, family emergency, or your travel plans changed due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact us as soon as possible at or call the number written on your e-ticket. We can reschedule you to another date or convert your tickets into a gift certificate that never expires.
*Please be thoughtful about rescheduling at the last minute, your spots on the tour are being held for you. It is very difficult for us to resell your tickets with limited time.


*Inclement Weather Policy:
All of our Food Tours TAKE PLACE RAIN OR SHINE.
In the rare situation where we are forced to cancel the event due to inclement/unsafe weather “based on recommendations from the Mayor of Turin”, ticket-holders can reschedule to another day (subject to availability), receive a gift certificate (that never expires) or can receive a full refund. Please contact us as soon as possible at or call the number written on your e-ticket if you anticipate inclement weather.

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