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Street Food Tour D’luxe | Tastes of Turin

Quick Details

This food tour of Turin is an exquisite festival of tastes. It takes place in a city that for sure will win your heart and it’s guided by passionate people who work with dedication and creativity to develop an outstanding experience you won’t forget. Promise!

Shared Tour
Child Up to 2 years old
Private Tour
FREE CANCELLATION Up To 24 Hours in Advance

Explore the Local Gastronomic Scene in Turin

Chef Abram and I have carefully chosen the most interesting sites and tastiest spots of the city centre to make this a vibrant and memorable experience. This is more than a mere food tour, it’s a total culinary and multi-sensory adventure.

Our gastronomic experience offers a curated discovery of the diverse local food scene while exploring some of Turin’s most charming neighborhoods.

Enrich your visit to Turin immensely, explore the city through the eyes of those who live and love the town, and feel at home in the company of your local food experts and lively storytellers.

Our passion is discovering hidden culinary gems in the sprawling city of Turin, and our mission is to share them with you, dishing up culture, tradition and the people behind the savory treats along the way. We dislike tourist traps as much as you do, and that’s why on this 3.5-hour food tour, we lead you away from tourist crowds and guarantee authentic food, authentic people and authentic passion.

This experience truly is a feast of tastes and an unforgettable immersive experience. You can’t miss it!

Tour Highlights

  • Explore unique places with unique stories; this tour ventures to spots you would never find in an area out of the tourist path.
  • Sample 15+local delicacies, such as PDO cheeses, cold cuts, gourmet street food, traditional dishes, sweet treats. Enough for a big lunch!
  • Sample Piedmont’s culinary delights in the hidden eateries of the old town.
  • Receive many insights into the traditions of Torino’s food culture, including historical backgrounds of its popular dishes and products.
  • The tastings we select for you may vary according with the season/the holiday time.

Where to Meet

  • We will meet in the centre of Turin, the exact starting location address will be send to you after your booking.
  • Parking possibilities in the parking lot ‘Via Roma, Piaza San Carlo, Piazza Castello’.
  • If you come by bus: From Porta Susa railway station, take the bus nr 13 or 56. Stop ‘Castello’.

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This Tour is Top Rated on TripAdvisor!

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