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Dining with Chef Abram. Live Cooking & Fine Dining.


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Turin's Private Fine-Dining & Cooking Show with Chef Abram in a Beautiful and Royal Location.

Fine Dining with Chef Abram is a flawless Experience. Book now this gorgeous Cooking Show & Private Fine Dining. Make Unique Memories of your stay in Turin.

This unique and private experience is available on request for a minimum of 6 people;

Feel like part of the Royal Family in a royal residence of Turin; (Informal and a Lot of Fun!)

Experience this modern and interactive cooking show led by a great and inventive executive chef;

This 3.5 hour event includes a full menu made live in front of you, for you and your guests;

What to Expect

Dining With Chef Abram. Live Cooking & Fine Dining in a Royal Location

is that kind of event that brings you back to a glorious time and blows you away from beginning to end.

Once upon a time there was a town which was the former capital of Italy, epicenter of culture, source of inspiration for artists from across the world, hub of innovation of  Europe…

This city was called Torino.

By joining a Royal Residence dates back 1700 the goal is to make you revive Torino’s golden age and its famous salon, where charming banquets and innovative ideas paired always good together.

But it doesn’t stop here.

In this timeless atmosphere you’ll be guided in a sensorial experience (and experiment…) by a great and friendly host: Chef Abram.


Chef Abram is a professional Dutch chef with more than 20 years of experience in the finest restaurants of Benelux.

Having grown up between Amsterdam and Utrecht (his hometown) helped him to discover cultural trends, unique culinary environments, and strong international business presence. In fact, travel and tourism are integral economic components that drive a perennial appetite and curiosity for creative culinary minds.

As a well-qualified chef, he could work in all areas of hospitality in roles like Executive Chef, Sous Chef, culinary manager, culinary developer and owner.

His most important adventures include the role of Consultant for the famous Okura Hotel & Restaurant in Amsterdam

where he organized important banquets for the Royalty, Prime Ministers and even some U.S. President in cooperation with the 2 Michelin Star Restaurant Ciel Blue

and a team of 200 talented chefs.

He also had his own luxury lunchroom and deli shop in the center of Utrecht and was for several years culinary developer freelance.

In 2014 Chef Abram moved to Turin for starting a new life with his Italian wife. He quickly fell in love with this gorgeous city, its rich gastronomic scene and also its brand new job as head chef for one of the most historical place of Turin, the charming Farmacia del Cambio

Two years ago he launched I Eat. Walking Food Tours with his wife and partner in business. They found the perfect way to combine their knowledge and passion for food with their love for other cultures.

(Read more about Chef Abram:


This event is more than willing to be flawless. That’s why as a location we chosen a hidden gem in the heart of Turin. A peaceful and secret spot of antique charm that welcome you with all its royal appeal.

A red carpet white marble stairways , beautiful friezes and bas-reliefs that tell the myth of Demeter, spectacular chandelier glass of Burano, a masterpiece from 1700…

This unique place is where Princess Maria Clotilde of Savoy danced with Jerome Bonaparte in 1859, marking their official engagement in front of Turin’s aristocrats.

These walls listened to the performances of Arturo Toscanini and Francesco Tamagno; also, here was celebrated Italy’s freedom from France at the end of the 18th century.

In short, an Italian pearl rich in history and culture, where you really experience the elegant touch of a wonderful city like Torino.


Enjoy the finely live prepared dishes from Chef Abram in historic surroundings.

Chef Abram is a open-minded and joyful person.

His being truly authentic creates a relaxed feel-good atmosphere among the guests, where enjoyment and the creative spirit can optimally unfold.

If he certainly knows that cooking is first of all a science, he also knows how to give soul to the food, making it alive and starting to talk to it, listening to its message…

The cooking show and fine dining he has planned for you it’s a based on conversations, experiments, cooking games and the best flavors.

For his menus, Chef Abram personally goes on shopping tours throughout the region.

He loves getting inspired every day by the fresh, seasonal, high-quality range of products that Piedmont can offer and he choose only the best quality ingredients, Slow Food Presidia, most of the time

Those who choose to join this unique experience will be receiving a proposal menu, after having communicated many food allergies, food preferences and special wishes.

This event will be assisted by another host, Cecilia.

Cecilia is a sociologist and a researcher specialized in food studies and event management.

She will take care of every detail of your gorgeous event and take forward the debate on food in a very innovative way.

An unconventional Cooking Show, a gorgeous Dinner, an exciting Talk Show are just some of the ingredients of Fine Dining with Chef Abram, at the end of which we share a meaningful experience of its kind.

The mission is elementary but important: make you feel GOOD and assure you an experience that lasts for ever. 

This experience is perfect from small groups from 6 up to 20 people that want to try something memorable and very unique or have something special to celebrate.

And it’s also perfect for team building activities, that can be tailor designed accordingly with the goal that you want to achieve.



What's In The Menu

~This unique and private experience is available on request for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 people.

~Play and feel like part of the Royal Family in a royal residence of Turin; despite the ambience, this experience is very informal and fun.

~Experience a modern banquet and be protagonist of this interactive cooking show led by a great and inventive executive chef.

~This 3.5 hour event includes a full menu & drinks made live in front of you, for you and with your active involvement.

~This evening out ensure high quality service tailored to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

~Chef Abram will guide you on a sensorial experiment, sharing his knowleadge and some cooking secrets with you.

~This event is ideal if you are looking for a meaningful, exclusive and delicious experience, different than just a fine dining end in itself.