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Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning & Arrangements in Turin & Piemonte.

Why not ask an Italian expert for help on the planning of your perfect wedding day in Italy? We would love to hear what you have in mind with regards to your ones-in-a-lifetime celebration.

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Wedding Planning & Arrangements

Fill in the form below and we will take contact with you within 24/48 hours, and start planning a delicious and wonderful event for you,  your friends, family and/or colleagues

Plan Your Wedding

You are dreaming of a fairy wedding in Italy, and you would like some support? we can help! Celebrating at a romantic venue? We know where!

A classic wedding next to Como, Orta, Garda or Maggiore Lake with breathtaking mountain views. The Piedmont region at your feet for culinary treats as wine tastings or truffle huntings. Surprise friend and family with live music and a great party.

  • Dream Team Support, from venue selection to honeymoon itineraries.
  • Unique and tailor-made wedding experiences.
  • Fixed selections of high-quality and trustworthy vendors.
  • Best selections of mouthwatering food options.





What to Expect



Why not ask an Italian event expert for help on the planning of your perfect wedding day in Italy? We would love to hear what you have in mind with regards to the venue for your celebration. Please take into account that 80% of all popular venues are booked almost 2 years in advance when it comes to weekends. When we select the venue, we will apply a strict set of criteria in order to ensure the highest quality:

~Venue Selection    ~Consisten Quality-Price ratio    ~Area for the Reception

~Area for the Ceremony    ~Restaurant on-site or Catering service at hand   

~Allowance for late-night music    ~Splendid Views 

~Excellent Team and Management to work with


You want your guests to have an amazing experience at your wedding reception and party. This is what we have in mind as our goal when we start planning for your catering on the big day. Some wedding venues offer a restaurant on-site, or alternatively there might be a local Italian restaurant that we can recommend. In some special occasions and for a selected amount of people, Chef Abram could be your personal chef of the evening. We can also make some suggestions where to order your wedding cake. Wedding reception games can be a fun way to entertain your visitors, just let us know if you like us to inspire you with some ideas.

~Catering     ~Local Restaurants     ~Personal Chef     ~Wedding Cakes

~Wedding Reception Games 


The bride should look magnificent and marvelous on her wedding day. If you are looking for some professional Italian stylists with high quality service, we would love to help you arrange for a trustworthy vendor.

~Profeccional Stylists      ~High Quality Service


Flowers are girl’s best friend! We can assist in the selection of your wedding bouquet and advise which flowers are in the season. Also, flower decorations for the venue make a great addition to the overall experience and elegance of your event. Let us know what you have in mind and how we can help.

~Wedding Bouquets      ~Flower Decorations


Music is essential at a wedding celebration, and of course you like to rest ensured it fits your taste. If you are looking for a live band to engage your guests on the dance floor until the early morning, we are your go-to-person. In Italy it’s mandatory to have a SIAE license for playing live music, so leave the practical arrangements to us and focus on your big day. Whether it is for your ceremony, reception or party, we have a range of music ideas you can choose from.

~Live Band (needs SIAE license)    ~Ceremony    ~Reception & Party


If you like to do a photoshoot in Italy before or after your wedding day, we can advise you locations to choose from or introduce the right photographer that fits your style and budget. Also for your wedding day there are photographers and videographers with great experience for every occasion and location. Ask us for more information and we will be more than happy to share some options with you.

~Bride & Groom Photoshoot     ~Wedding Day


Italy is the perfect honeymoon destination and has lots to offer when it comes to magnificent nature, flamboyant cities or luxurious wellness treats. Whether it’s the romantic Venice with all its canals and gondolaswhere you can get lost in the thousand little streets, the reflection of a perfect sunsetat Como Lake or snorkeling at the Amalfi Coast, we can customize your trip just the way you like it. Every experience is different, unique and one of a kind, so we love to hear what you are looking for.

~Venice    ~Lake Como    ~Lake Orta    ~Piedmont    ~Florence    ~Rome

~Amalfi Coast


Spending the night in an old rustic Italian castle with views over the hills or a villa that has all the luxury of your own little paradise just as you would have always pictured it. On your wedding day it’s the perfect moment to realize this fairy tale! We can tailor for the level og confort that you wish, find you the most ideal location and help inquire the availability for your dates.

~Level & Confort     ~Location     ~Availability


We take pride in delivering you a special, unique and customized experience. Therefore, we can virtually offer you any kind of event experience and love to have a conversation (by Phone and/or Skype) first before we go into planning details.


What Includes Our Services?

~Dream Team to support you with all the practical arrangements from venue selection, reception and party arrangements, cake and flower preparations, photographer services and honeymoon itineraries.

~Spending the night in an old, rustic Italian castle with views over the hills or a villa that has all the luxury of your own little paradise.

~Unique and tailor-made wedding experience, let us know what you are looking for and we take it from there, together with you.

~We work with a fixed selection of high-quality and trustworthy vendors so we can ensure an outstanding level of professionalism.

~We love only the best food ourselves, so we will select some mouthwatering options for you to choose from!

Each request is unique and requires a personalized quote. Price will depend on the amount of days, phone time, itinerary, planning or kind of assistance. You can get more details on pricing, on our general event planning costs and the way we work by fill in the form (name, email & phone number) in the side-bar, we will respond to you within 24 hours.


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