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YourVibe YourTribe™ | The core of our Brand Identity.

on December 5, 2019

YourVibe YourTribe™

the core of our #Brandidentity

Moments that matter with your kind of people…

Isn’t that what really matters?

Sharing feelings and memories

💎Surprise&Delight people we care about;

💎Spread seeds of Joy&Happiness;

💎Make Memories&Meaning;

💎Use a unique superhero, the food, to make this possible…

Basically, this is our lifestyle, and this is also our workingstyle!

You know what really is fantastic?

That the 90% of our guests reflect who we are, what we believe and how we look at the world.

They fully believe food helps to connect people, just like us.


YourVibe YourTribe

In fact, we think connecting through food gives a common denominator less easily found in other aspects of human existence.

Besides, they are people who love inspiring others and to be inspired.

They are lovely, empathetic, kind and last but not least they got a generous soul.

YourVibe YourTribe

I mean, it’s not a coincidence if many of them have become our friends!💖

That’s why the claim

YourVibe YourTribe™

fits so good with our company and vision.

Amazing how this sentence,

that we like using to describe

I Eat Food Tours,

will get soon an official #trademark

due to some of our loyal guests

and also special friends now 💖💖

YourVibe YourTribe

And so…if you’re looking for a different kind of experience, here we are…

Looking forward to surprising you 💝

ps: if you love surrounding yourself with inspiring being who celebrate moments that matter through the food,



and tag @ieatfoodtours!

Let’s create & share tasty Vibes all togheter!


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