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All the Answers to Your Most frequently Asked Questions.

Our tickets are sold by Eztix Support Centre  +390909100237 or online at . Eztix sells our tickets so we can spend more time making sure that our tours are the best that they can be! Tickets can be purchased with Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Cash is not accepted.

Yes, tickets must be purchased in advance. Thursday – Saturday are the busiest days of the week! Often our tours sell out quickly, especially during this days. You don’t want to get caught at the last minute so check out our tour calendar and availability Here.

Yes,  all  the  food  and  drinks  that  we  offer  during  our  culinary  adventures  are  already included  in  the  price.  Of  course,  you’re  welcome  to buy additional drinks, if you’re still thirsty!

Well it depends.

It is generally possible if you wanna buy from one of the places we’ll visit. 

When the group is very big we kindly  ask you  to  wait  with  any  shopping  until  after  the  tours  are  ended.

We  know that shopping  is  a  kind  of  irresistable  thing  to  do,  in  special  when  you  are  on holiday, but it will slow the tour down, and we don’t like to let the other guest on the tour wait. 

(By  the  way, for after the tour, we  will  be  happy  to  give  you  some good  tips about  the best place where you can have the nicest shopping experiences in Turin)

Yes, the tour guide can ask you to show the ID of your Child or Infant at the start of the Tour.

Depends which tour you decide to buy: 

STREET  FOOD  TOUR:  we’ll  have  some  stops  that include  drinks  like  water,  coffee, tea or  alcoholic  beverages,  etc.  (Please  be  aware that not  every  stop  includes  a  drink). Anyway  we’  ll  provide  giving  you  a  bottle  of  water  at the  beginning  of  the  tour.  Any extra  drinks that are not included in our experiences will be at your own expense.

APERITIVO TOUR: A drink for any stop will be included. Any extra drink will be at your own expence.

WEEK END TOUR: water or wine for any stop will be included. Any extra drink will be at your own expence.

SWEET TOUR: chocolate, tea and cappuccino for any stop will be included. Any extra drink will be at your own expence.

Our tours are generally in English, but we also offer tours in Italian or in Dutch.  Please, let us know in advance which language you and/or your group prefers.

Parking is available at each tour’s starting location. After your purchase tickets, you’ll receive emails with parking suggestions. Also on each tour page you will find the information where to park, or/and how to travel.


We  suggest  to  take  with  you  Many  Spons  of  Smiles,  and  a  Bag  Half  Full  of enthusiasm.  The  rest  will  be  filled  during  our adventure togheter!  We Promise. 

Please  let  us  know  in  advance  if  you  are  vegetarian  and  whether  or  not  you  eat  fish, when you’re  not  a  fish  eater,  you’ll  have  to  skip  one stop if you buy the Quadrilatero or the Weekend food tour. But trust us, nobody walks away hungry.

About  vegan  and  gluten free, well,  we  do  our  best  to  accomodate  everyone,  but  during our  tours  we’ll taste cakes, pasta,  chocolate, cookies… that contains eggs, butter, flour. So it’s really impossible for us to find substitute at the locations. We’re really sorry!

As  you  have  already  seen,  we  offer  different  kind  of  tours.  

This  means  that  the  type  of places  we  will  visit  during  our  tasty  adventures depends  on  the  one  you  are  going  to book.    

Anyway,  trying  to  keep  the  surprise  effect,  we  will  visit  typical and ethnical  restaurants, eateries, chocolaterie, candy shops, open air market, street food  stands,  bakaries,  cafes, bars and american bars  and  more. But hey, let’s not spoil all the fun and leave a part of this as a sweet surprise!

Cancellations  are  costly  to  administer and involve dedicated staff time and communications costs.  Nevertheless,  we  realize  that  most  people  who  want to cancel  their  reservations, do so  out  of  necessity. 

Therefore, we provide our tours with a cancellation insurance, what you can add to every tour booking, for a cancellation of 100%, till the last day before the tour date. 

If you dont want to have the Ticket Guardian, this is our cancelation policy:

– No cancellation fee applies for cancellations made 30 or more days in advance;
– A cancellation fee of 40% applies for cancellations made less than 30 days in advance;
– No refund will be provided for cancellations made less than 10 days in advance, or in case of a no-show.


Unfortunately the guide can not wait, as we don’t want to, and can’t let wait other guests!

In case of delay, please inform us by calling the number that is written on your booking and ticket, so we can guide you to the next stop (tasting) and you can join from there the rest of the group/tour again.

Unfortunately you will miss than the first part of the Tour, and tasting(s), so ‘Please’ Be on Time! and go out from your staying a little bit sooner. (As the City Centre can be pretty crowdy!)

STREET FOOD TOUR: Piazza Castello (in the middle of the square).

APERITIVO TOUR: Piazza Carlo Felice, in front of Porta Nuova Station.

WEEK END TOUR: Infront of the Jewish Sinagoga, Piazzetta Primo Levi 12, San Salvario.

SWEET TOUR: Piazza Castello (in the middle of the square).

PRIVATE TOUR: To be defined.The  exact  address  of  our  meeting  point  will  be  sent automatically  together  with  a  confirmation  email  after  you’ve  booked  a  food  tour with us.  

Please  check  the  address  and  directions  beforehand  to  know  how  to  reach us  on the day  of  your  tour.  

In  case  you  don’t  receive an email with meeting details from us, please send an email to…and sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes. But IDs will be checked, Becouse the establishments that we visit will only serve alcohol those 21 and above because of the law.

(On our Aperitif Tour children are not allowed)

Absolutely not! Our tours combine architectural commentary, historical facts, local culture and culinary insight into a unique food tour experience. Imagine walking through the city eating our local artisans most delicious foods while learning the neighborhoods from real locals.

Please  let  us  know  if  you  (or  anyone  in  your  group)  have  any  dietary  restrictions  (e.g. vegetarian,  diabetic,  allergy,  etc.)  when  you inquire for the tour. As long as we know in advance, we’ll be happy and do our best to accommodate your needs

Gratuities are greatly appreciated, although not mandatory. The standard gratuity in the service industry is 15%.

Yes, bathrooms are available in all the places we visit during the tour, exept of course for the open air marketplace.

The tours are held rain, shine, or snow. In the event of inclement weather, we will be able to go inside many of the establishments on the tour. In case of sudden weather changes take your umbrella or/and a poncho. However, we advise to check the weather conditions for your days event and dress appropriately.

Not all of the locations are wheelchair accessible. There can be at the locations high steps to make or different floorlevels to take, we are very sorry for that.

If you contact us in advance we can surely see what we can arrange.

Yes we can provide any of our tours in English, Italian and in Dutch. But in general the tour will run in English, so let us know infront what languase you and your group prefer.

Yes we absolutely do!  We can accommodate a variety of special requests (Ramily Reunions, Birthday Parties, Corporate, Team Building Events for Company’s ed.)

Information on our Private Group Tours can be found here. 

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