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About "I EAT. Food Tours"

Food Tours, Corporate, Travel Planning

Turin, Piedmont- Italy.

Nice to meet you all!

Now it’s the moment when the world deserves the most empathetic, the most customer orientated, the most powerful version of us” – Lisa McLeod

Welcome, everybody.

This is Cecilia and Abram from Turin, Italy.

We both are the heart ‘n soul of “I EAT Food Tours” :  an independent locally owned &  run family business based in the gorgeous former Italian capital.

At the end of 2017, when we finally decided to give birth to a thoughtful business that was not just the reflection of our multi layered background and expertise in food, travel and hospitality – but it would also entirely represents who we are, what we believe in and what we are good at – we co founded I EAT, offering culinary adventures and food events to promote our resourceful region starting with its vast gastronomic heritage.

Food connects us; it tells significant stories we’d love sharing with you to keep our traditions alive.

Food is the quintessential expression of love, life and togetherness. It’s a delicious super hero, capable to sum up many values: socio-anthropological, cultural, psychological, environmental…

It’s one of the greatest communication specialist and it helps you to generate moments that matter.

And so, to let you celebrate The Journey, we created thoughtful curated food experiences in Turin

Our services include:

  • Culinary Tours in Torino (private and shared);
  • Cooking Classes;
  • Team Building & Corporate Events;
  • Personal Travel Planning in Italy;
  • Virtual, live streaming cooking classes and custom events.

Dear gastro and travel lovers, we invite you to feed your heart with love, beauty and goodness. With gratitude, amazing memories and new local friends. Last but not least: with our incredibly delicious gastro-trips!

We want you to be part of something unforgettable and extraordinary. 

People don’t buy goods and services. They buy stories, relationships and magic“. Seth Godin

From Italy with love,

Cecilia and Chef Abram


Where to find Us?

Meet The Founders


Co-Owner, Gastronomist, Experience Creator
Dear All,
Welcome to our flavourful world!
My name is Cecilia.
I am a creator of gastronomic experiences and a travel planner specialist,  born and raised in the gorgeous city of Torino, Italy.
Self confessed spiritual junkie, with a deep holistic and creative approach to life and business, life long learner and multi passionate human being, I have always adored dialogue, meeting people from all over the world and creating significant connections and meaningful experiences with a profound emotional resonance.

While working several years first as a social researcher for the University of Turin – and then as a communication specialist for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Maserati- I also devoted myself in observing and studying the way people cook, eat, live and travel.

And so I developed a new set of interests, investigating the ritual, symbolic, communicational, aggregative and cultural aspect of food in the post modern society – and analyzing the motivations for traveling.

I have specialised in “Anthroposociology of Gastronomy” and culture of food, a subject that helps you to understand how local folks have shaped their identity throughout the centuries.

Culture of food has the potential to unite diverse aspects of identity as it may be the way for different national, religious and lifestyle issues to be resolved in peace and harmony.

My studies, interests and researches have given rise to I Eat. Food Tours & Event Planningwhich was founded together with my partner both in life and in business, aka Chef Abram.



Co-Founder, Professional Chef, Food Concept Creator

Hello, everybody!
My name is Abram Stringa and I am a professional Dutch chef with more than 25 years of experience in the finest restaurants of Benelux and Northern Italy.

I grew up and studied between Utrecht, my hometown, and Amsterdam – which both informed me of awesome cultural trends, unique culinary environments and strong international business presence.

One of the most important adventures of my professional career include a consultancy position for the famous Okura Hotel & Restaurant in Amsterdam, where I organized important banquets for, among others, the Japanese Emperor and the Dutch Royal Family.
I also catered for Prime Ministers and even U.S. Presidents in cooperation with the 2 Michelin Star Restaurant Ciel Blue.