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About I Eat Food Tours

Food Tour Company, Event Planning & Cooking Classes

Nice to e-meet you

Nice to meet you all!

This is Cecilia and Abram, an Italian sociologist and event creator, and a Dutch Chef and Food consultant living in Turin, Italy. We’re in business since four years, when we finally decided to give birth to a special service that would entirely represents who we are, what we believe in and what we are good at.

What better way to feel We All Are One than going through  food, after all?

Food is life, it sums up many values- socio-anthropological, cultural, psycological, environmental…

It’s one of the greatest connector and it helps you to generate moments that matter.

And so, to let you celebrate The Journey, we designed beautiful and unique experiences in Turin and throughout the Piedmont region.

Our services include:

. Culinary Tours

. Cooking Classes & Fine Dining

. Wine Tasting

. Tailored Events

. Travel Planning

. Wedding Destinations

. Virtual, live streaming cooking classes and custom events

If you’re looking for something special, filled with Love, Magic and Poetry, we can’t wait to leave unique markers to your Adventure!

We want you to be part of something unforgettable and extraordinary. 

Can’t wait to infuse with uniqueness your next experience.

Meet The Founders


Owner & Co-Founder, Food Event Manager, Life & Travel Coach

Hello, everyone! Nice to e-meet you. My name’s Cecilia and I was born and raced in Turin, a lovely Italian city of many parts where I founded I Eat. Food Tours and Event Planning.

I am a sociologist, specialised in Sociology of Tourism and Event management, but, mostly, I am an extremely creative being, always looking for something that makes my heart vibrate. I am a people person, I love life, my dogs, writing, traveling and…last but not least, savoring good food! I believe Food is the most ancient expression of tale and that’s maybe why I am so crazy for it 🙂

It makes me happy making people happy and I found that I can accomplish that mission so beautifully when I design and lead experiences where people can be connected through food.

Discover, Create, Inspire and Soar is my life’s Manifesto – and it’s also the ultimate pourpose of my company.

One of my favourites slogan? Your Vibe, Your Tribe, which is now also the core of our Brand Identity and it’s going to get an official Trade Mark in the U.S.

Hope to meet you in Turin and start creating wonderful memories together.

Sending love and tasty vibes from Italy.

Ciao! 🙂


Chef, Food Consultant & Event Manager

Hi! My name’s Abram and I am a professional chef and culinary developer.

I come from Utrecht, The Netherlands, and I’ve been living in Turin since 2014. I moved to Turin out of love: Cecilia and I met via Instagram and in a few months we were already living together…

Love at first sight? Yes!

I believe that Food is the right way to know new places and people, that’s why my youngest project is I EAT. Walking Food Tours. Food is sharing and I love sharing it with people all over the world.

Would you like to join me in Turin?

Meet Our Team

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Tour Leader
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Tour Leader