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Embark on a Culinary Odyssey. Savour the Flavours, Embrace the Local Gastronomic Culture.

Join us in Turin in redefining your Culinary Adventure.



This is Cecilia and Abram from Turin, Italy.

We both are the heart ‘n soul of “I EAT Food Tours”: an independent locally owned &  run family business based in the gorgeous former Italian capital.

At I EAT Food Tours, we are not guides: we are professional food experts, culinary insiders and passionate gastro-tellers of our local culinary landscape.

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Co-Owner, Gastronomist, Experience Creator
Dear All,
Welcome to our flavourful world!
My name is Cecilia.
I am a creator of gastronomic experiences and a travel planner specialist,  born and raised in the gorgeous city of Torino, Italy.
Self confessed spiritual junkie, with a deep holistic and creative approach to life and business, life long learner and multi passionate human being, I have always adored dialogue, meeting people from all over the world and creating significant connections and meaningful experiences with a profound emotional resonance.

While working several years first as a social researcher for the University of Turin – and then as a communication specialist for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Maserati- I also devoted myself in observing and studying the way people cook, eat, live and travel.


Co-Founder, Professional Chef, Food Concept Creator

Greetings, everyone!

I am Chef Abram Stringa, a seasoned Dutch chef with over 27 years of expertise garnered in some of the most esteemed restaurants across the Benelux region and Northern Italy.

My culinary journey was shaped by the vibrant cities of Utrecht and Amsterdam, where I absorbed diverse cultural influences, encountered unique culinary landscapes, and thrived amidst a dynamic international business scene.

Among the highlights of my career is a consultancy role at the renowned Okura Hotel & Restaurants in Amsterdam, where I orchestrated prestigious banquets for distinguished guests such as the Japanese Emperor and the Dutch Royals. Additionally, I had the privilege of collaborating with the esteemed 2 Michelin Star restaurant ‘Ciel Bleu’ to cater to the Prime Ministers of the U.S.

Driven by my passion for exploration and embracing new challenges, I embarked on a transformative chapter by relocating to Turin, Italy, in late 2014 to join my Italian fiancé, Cecilia.

In a matter of months, I assumed the role of food concept consultant, and later, as the head chef alongside Michelin Star Chef Matteo Baronetto at “Farmacia Del Cambio,” an iconic establishment steeped in history and revered as an institution in Italy. During my tenure of nearly four years, we crafted innovative gastronomic experiences that resonated deeply with patrons, including Juventus soccer players and renowned actors such as Stanley Tucci, who featured our culinary haven in one of his documentary episodes, “Searching for Italy.”

Here’s to new beginnings and exciting culinary adventures ahead!

Cheers 🥂