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Online Cooking Classes

Live from Chef Abram’s Kitchen to Yours

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Lots of Choices

Indulge in an array of culinary possibilities with our diverse selection of over 20 Online Cooking Classes.

Whether you’re looking for a delightful Kids Class Session, eager to enhance your culinary skills with our Skill Building Classes, or longing to savor the essence of traditional iconic dishes, our offerings cater to all tastes.

Immerse yourself in the art of gastronomy through our Multi-Day Experience, crafted to provide you with the perfect session tailored to your culinary desires.

Online Cooking Classes

Join our cooking adventure, led by an amazing chef dedicated to spicing up your skills.

Get ready to dive into the joy of crafting enchanting menus. Our interactive sessions, where you get hands-on, are all about making learning effective and packed with useful tips. It’s not just cooking; it’s an experience that adds flavor to your culinary journey.

Join our virtual cooking adventure, enriched by a passionate storyteller for a dash of tales and techniques. The co-host spices things up for larger & corporate groups.

  • Shared Classes; up-to 10 households.
  • Larger Group Classes; up-to 50 households.
  • Classes 50-99 households are show cooking events
  • Different Class formats & Menu options.
  • Professional Audio & Multi-Camera-System to ensure the best experience.

Online Classes


  • 6-Week Course

Embark on a 6-week Italian

Cooking Mastery journey, perfect for cooking enthusiasts and aspiring chefs. Uncover the secrets of Italian cuisine through hands-on exploration, mastering everything from pasta and sauces to traditional dishes. Elevate your culinary skills and savor the richness of authentic flavors in this comprehensive experience.

Online Cooking Class Reviews

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Best Cooking Experience Virtual Cooking Class with Chef Abram | Live From Italy

Our group booked a private cooking experience with Chef Abrams and had the best time. He and Cecilia were absolutely a delight. The meal came out amazing. In a world of virtual experiences now, we all would highly recommend this one. It felt like we were all together. Hope to get to Italy some day and meet them in person.

– TripAdvisor
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Amazing live cooking lesson Virtual Cooking Class with Chef Abram | Live From Italy

I have found Chef Abram and Cecilia Italian cooking lessons online while searching for an authentic gift for my husband for Christmas. I selected the 'Italy at your Table Masterclass' an individual online course. My husband had an amazing time, learning to make great raviolis from scratch with interesting ingredients & flavors combination. Chef Abram even adapted prior to the session as my husband has some knowledge around pasta making already to make sure this will be a fully new experience for him. 3 Hours of nice chat, laugh and cooking... Great gift with professional and friendly Chef Abram and Cecilia! Can only recommend them highly, the dish was so yummy as well. We would probably book another session again :)

– TripAdvisor
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Bellisimo Cookery Lesson! Virtual Cooking Class with Chef Abram | Live From Italy

This was an anniversary gift for my husband which both Chef Abram and Cecilia made such a special experience via zoom from their kitchen to ours. They both put us at our ease, made it really fun and through Chef Abrams excellent teaching showed my husband how to make probablythe best 3 course meals we have ever had with uniquely beautiful tastes . We would highly recommend this experience

– TripAdvisor