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Chocolate and Sweets Tour | Turin

Happiness is something sweet...isn't it?

Quick Details

Forget the most tourist destinations.

This is a carefully designed, multi layered and authentic chocolate and sweets experience that allows you to BE LIKE A LOCAL. Visit at least 3 locals’ favourite sweet food destinations, meet up with the heroes behind the counters and, last but not least,  learn about a five century old chocolate and confectionery tradition.

Shared Tour
Children Up to 2 years old
Private Tour
Cancellation’s Up to 24 hours in advance
Solo Traveler Kindly reach out to us before booking to confirm availability!

Indulge in the Symphony of Turin’s Chocolate and Sweet Delights

Dive into the rich history of chocolate and confectionary tradition with our tantalizing Chocolate and Sweets Tour!

From velvety Gianduja to decadent pralines, from artisanal gelato to typical delightful treats, Turin’s chocolate and patisserie scene is a true masterpiece.

Embark on a trip full of memorable off the beaten path sights and delightful flavours as you get ready to blend the beauty of Turin with its people and their favourite chocolate and sweets spots.

Discover the most authentic Turin’s vibe and best hidden food treasures in the company of your local gourmet guide and storyteller.

Indulge your senses in a truly gorgeous banquet of gourmet sweet delights of all kind and get immersed into the typical day of Torinesi (people form Torino), which quite often involves coffee, chocolate and pastries of several types, accordingly with the time of the day and even the season.

We want you to celebrate your time in Turin and make it deliciously glorious 

For this reason we have crafted for you a delightful itinerary (off the tourist track) through the best pastry wonders,  coffee houses,  chocolate shops and artisanal gelaterie  you cannot find on any guide book. Those we as locals are madly in love with and that are part of our daily lifestyle or our time off to work.

It doesn’t stop here, though. As a matter of fact this experience also allows you to explore some very unique shops and ateliers along the way, located in very charming locations, own and run by local inventive artisans and artists.

  • Nutty Beginnings: Discover how Turin’s love affair with hazelnuts birthed the iconic Gianduja. Did you know it was created to make chocolate more accessible during a shortage? Talk about turning scarcity into sweet innovation!
  • Praline Paradise: Embark on a journey through the artistry of Turin’s chocolatiers as they craft pralines like miniature masterpieces. Each bite is a symphony of flavors, showcasing the city’s commitment to chocolate perfection.
  • Choco-Gelato Bliss: Indulge your taste buds with our exclusive chocolate gelato experience. Learn the secrets of creating the creamiest, most luscious chocolate gelato while strolling through Turin’s charming streets.
  • Masterclass Magic: UPGRADE YOUR EXPERIENCE! Join our hands-on dessert masterclass led by Chef Abram, International Michelin Star Trained Chef.  Unleash your inner chef as you mold and decorate your own sweet creations. A true treat for chocolate and dessert lovers! CONTACT US HERE

What’s on the menu:

Chocolate and sweets are a fabulous multiverse in Turin and we’d love sharing some of our special powers with you, let’s unwrap the magic together:

  • Giandujotto di Torino
  • Gianduja Spread (luxury version of the world famous Nutella)
  • 3 to 5 Pralines
  • The Iconic Bicerin (hot beverage native to Torino in 3 layers: espresso, hot chocolate, foamed milk)
  • Espresso or Cappuccino
  • Gelato ‘O Clock ‘Cause our formula of happiness won’t be complete without letting you taste the best artisanal gelato in Turin, along with other surprising sweet and pastry delights…

Capture the joy of your chocolate journey with delightful photo opportunities.

Sweet Memories Await! Share on Instagram your chocolate adventure using #TurinChocoTales, tag @ieatfoodtours and let the world savour the sweetness of your experience!

Ready for a chocolate-filled escapade in Turin? Book your tour with I EAT Food Tours now and embark on a sensory adventure like never before!

Please notice: The places and samples we selected can vary according to the season, and due to closing days and holidays.

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Where to Meet

  • We will welcome you in the centre of Turin the exact location and address will be send to you after your booking, the day before your tour date.
  • Parking possibilities in the parking lot ‘Roma, San Carlo, Castello’.
  • From Porta Nuova railway station, just walk 10 minutes over Via Roma in the direction of Piazza Castello.
  • From Porta Susa railway station, take the bus nr 13 or 56. Stop ‘Castello’.

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