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Chef Abram. Let me introduce you the Food Specialist of I Eat Food Tours

a man preparing food in a kitchen

Hello, Everybody!

How you doing? We are happily swamped, ready to food ‘n roll with so many beautiful activities and events starting from September.

We are very exciting for the New Entries of I Eat Food Tours and can’t wait to share them with the whole world.

One of these new entries is for sure the Flawless Private Event with Chef Abram.

Last July we organized a wonderful pilot with some of the mentors of European Innovation Academy.

a kitchen with a sink and a window

It was such a success that we really are looking forward to making as much people as possible enthusiast and hyper happy with something we are sure you won’t forget…

a group of people sitting at a table

Sensory games with few of the EIA’s Mentors

Chef Abram’s Live Cooking & Fine Dining in a Royal Location is something you should absolutely try!

a dining room table in front of a window

Royal Location in the heart of Turin

And so I just thought it would be nice to write a post about the Food Specialist of

I Eat Food Tours, who is also a brilliant chef and culinary developer!

Well, let me introduce you my favourite chef, then. I am quite sure he is going to easily becomegonna  one of your favourite too  🙂

a man cooking in a kitchen preparing food

Hopefully to introduce him in person and make you taste his delish soon.

Speaking of delish, I am posting some irresistibily delicious dishes prepared by him as well.

While you’re reading you can join some amazing virtual bite. Good idea, isn’t it?

Here we go with Chef Abram and a bit of his story now.

Come join us for more… and come hungry of joy!

a group of people standing in front of a building

Come join us for more…much more!

Chef Abram is a professional Dutch chef with more than 25 years of experience in the finest restaurants of Benelux.

Having grown up between Amsterdam and Utrecht (his hometown) helped him to discover cultural trends, unique culinary environments, and strong international business presence. In fact, travel and tourism are integral economic components that drive a perennial appetite and curiosity for creative culinary minds.

As a well-qualified chef, he could work in all areas of hospitality in roles like Executive Chef, Sous Chef, culinary manager, culinary developer and owner.

His most important adventures include the role of Consultant for the famous Okura Hotel & Restaurant in Amsterdam

a bridge over a body of water

Okura Hotel and Restaurant

where he organized -togheter with a team of other 150 brilliant chefs- important banquets for the Royal Families.

Among the habitué of the Okura Hotel and Restaurants they were the Prime Ministers and the local aristocracy but also the Japanese Emper and Empress, and of course the Dutch Royal Family.

Speaking of which, when Abram finished the high school and the master in Haute Cuisine in Utrecht, he was one of the freelance chefs hired for making sophisticated banquets for Beatrix, Queen of Holland at the time.

In 2000 he opened with a partner his own luxury lunchroom and deli shop in the centre of Utrecht, which incuded an exclusive dog boutique and a special bakary corner for dogs only. So, you could join your amazing meal and your dog could have his fresh made 5 star dish as well… before having done a luxury shop, of course.

This was a very innovative concept back in those years and Abram’s shop became the most popular in the whole Benelux.

Abram was also culinary developer freelance, during his career;  he worked for a long time for an important Dutch Singer and music producer, Spiros Chalos

who opened a luxury Restaurant and Live Music Open Bar in Utrecht; this was the place where many talents performed for the very first time before becoming international stars, often in duet with famous singers.

In 2014 Chef Abram moved from Utrech to Turin to start a new life with his Italian wife Cecilia, a sociologist specialised in event management and food studies.

He quickly fell in love with this gorgeous city, its rich gastronomic scene and also its brand new job as head chef for one of the most historical place of Turin, the charming Farmacia del Cambio

a dining room table

Beautiful and quiete before opening. Farmacia del Cambio

where he created a unique and luxury gastronomic concept in Turin, under the supervision of the  Michelin Star Chef Matteo Baronetto

a man cooking in a kitchen preparing food

Chef Abram @Farmaciadelcambio

a man standing in front of a refrigerator

Giant Pumpkin for kilos and kilos of gorgeous soups!

a man looking at the camera




In 2017 he launched “I Eat” Walking Food Tours with his wife Cecilia, a sociologist specialised in Event Management and Food Studies.





a group of people sitting at a table

They both combined their knowledge and love for food&travel with their desire to get in touch with people and cultures from across the world.

Since the sky is the limit, I Eat Food Tours has now also arrived in other cities.

Furthermore, you can contact I Eat Food Tours if you are looking for a tailor made Event Planning to Italy.

Not to mention all the coming projects and partnerships starting from 2020.

Yeah, ’cause Chef Abram is a open-minded and joyful person.

a man holding a phone

He is always looking for new interesting adventures to create. Always curious to know what’s “the next step”…

As I told you before,  he has recentely given rise to a gorgeous and interactive Live Cooking & Fine Dining Event, which includes lots of cooking games, multisensory experiences… and of course wonderful tastings with the best flavours and products!

a cutting board with a cake on a table

a plate of food on a table






His being truly authentic creates a relaxed feel-good atmosphere among the guests, where enjoyment and the creative spirit can optimally unfold.







a person sitting at a table with wine glasses

a group of people sitting at a table




If he certainly knows that cooking is first of all a science, he also knows how to give soul to the food, making it alive and starting to talk to it, listening to its message…




a man cutting food on a table




For his inventive menus, Chef Abram personally goes on shopping tours throughout the region.






a group of people standing in front of a store

He loves getting inspired every day by the fresh, seasonal, high-quality range of products that Piedmont can offer and he choose only the best quality ingredients, Slow Food Presidia, most of the time

The history of cuisine is the history of the whole world. What better place to meet the entire world than around a table? Cooking is a universal language, just like love. That’s why when you decide to become a chef you have to be truly passionate and capable to give yourself to the other.

Chef Abram has all the right ingredients to make you fall in love at first with him as positive and energetic person, and than as a talented chef with a big heart.

Join him in his Cooking Show and you’ll find out yourself.

Meantime, enjoy some virtual food made by him! 🙂

a plate is filled with food

Chef Abram’s Parmigiana

Grilled haloumi cheese wrapped with zucchine.

a plate of food

Grilled haloumi cheese wrapped with zucchine.

a plate of food on a table

Pumpkin soup with veggies garden

a close up of food on a table

Cannellone scomposto

a close up of food

Rice chips


a piece of cake on a plate

Ravioli of betroot filled with goat’s cheese

a plate of food

Violet potatoes, carrots and parmesan chips, gelly of pumpkin, green cauliflower.

a bowl of fruit and vegetables on display

Vegetarian rolls and maxi raviolo filled with wild erbs and ricotta cheese

a vase of flowers on a table

Basmati rice with cauliflower flaured with curry and other 15 ingredients!

a plate of food with broccoli

Sward fish with asparagus and ravigotte sauce

a man holding a hot dog

Chef Abam

a bowl filled with different types of food on a plate

Ingredients for the Basmati rice with Greek yogurt





Well, I think this should be enough to tempt your senses.

Now you have just to contact us and start to plan your memorable event with Chef Abram.

He is looking forward to making you taste his magic…

Thanks for reading and see you soon in Turin!







a plate of food with a fork

King prawns with grilled veggies and salsa cocktail

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