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Venus and the Emperor. A very romantic recipe.

a plate of food

Venus and the Emperor. A very tasty recipe.

A  charmy  and irresistable  Venus,  togheter  with  soft  lentils, deep yellow  mango,  vibrant lemon, avocado   pulp   and   soia juice becomes   wonderful   crib   of   a   proud   and   elegant Norway Salmon (our Emperor) who can simply fall in love in front of such a beauty!

a dish is filled with food

The salad mix

By using a bit of fantiasy, this is my way to tell you Abram’s recipe.

A fews  days  ago  he  prepared  this  nice  dish  and  we had  a  really light yet  tasteful  lunch…  with a kind of aphrodisiac flavour.

Well,  about  the  Venus and  the  Emperor,  did  you  know  that  this special  type  of  rise,  that taste like  fresh  baked  bread and  is 100% gluten  free,  was  used  to  be  served  only  to  the Emperor, during the  time  of  the old  China?  The  reason  is  in  part  connected  to its  high price,  and  in  part connect  to  its  assumed  aphrodisiac  powers.  Indeed  it  was  called  the  Rise of Love.

Venus  Rise  is  a  100%  Made  in  Italy  product,  actually,  which  was  born  in  1997  in Vercelli (Piemonte)  a  really  famouse  rice  fields  area.  This  special  kind  of  rise  comes  from  two varieties: a  white  local  one,  a  really  strong  one,  and  a  black  asiatic  one,  impossible  to  grow in our country.

But now it’s time for the recepie. We hope you gonna like it!


– 200 gr. Venus Rice;

– 200 gr lentils;– 200 gr fresh or smoked salmon;

– 1 mango;

– 1 avocado;

– Soia juice;

– Salt/Pepper/Red pepper powered QB;

– 4 spoons of white sesam seeds;

– 100 gr of smoked almonds;

– 100 ml evo;

– 1 lemon (juice and skin);

– 100 gr chopped parsley;

– 50 gr chopped mint;

– Colorful salad leaves for the ending decoration.


1.  Boil  the  rice  and  the  lentils  in  two  different  pots  (about  the  cooking  time,  that  depends  of  which  brand  of  rice  and  lentils  you will choose).

2. When boiled let them cool in a streiner .

3. Then, place them in two different plateaus and covered them with kitchen paper, to soak up the left cooking water.

4.  The  next  step  consists  in  preparing  the  marinate  with  soia  juice,  evo,    lemon’s  juice  and  skin,  red  hot  chilly  peppers,  pepper  and salt. 

5. After that you can cut in small cubes the mango and the avocado.

6.  Rice  and  lentils  should  be  now  enterely  cool,  so  you  can  place  them  in  a  deep  enought  bowl,  mixing  all  the  ingredients  togheter (soia juice including).

7. Then, chop parsley and mint and add them to your prepared mix.

8. Roasted almonds, sesam seeds and and keep them aside for the ending decoration.

9. Choose a colorful dinner plate and centred an iron ring, within which you will put few spoons of your rice.

10. Press it down firmly and then remove the iron ring.

11.  Now  you  can  end  your  dish  with  the  fresh  (or  smoked)  salmon  cutted  in  small  pieces, roasted  almonds,  sesam  seeds  and  pine nuts, and decorate it with few little and colorful salad leafs.

Well, now it’s really time to enjoy your dish… what do you think?

Did you like this recepie? Great!

PASS  IT  ON!  And  if  you  decide  to  make  it,  share  with  us  your  dish  by using  the  hastag #ieatfoodtours  on  IG,  or  writing  us  in  private message on FB (I Eat Food Tours)  or IG.

a plate of food

See you next time 🙂


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