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Choco Orange Marmelade. A recipe by NostrAbramus

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Choco Orange Marmelade. A recipe by NostrAbramus

Hello, my Friends!

How is your Christmas mood? Are you still busy busy at work or you already have started your Christmas holiday?

Well, I suppose you surely appriciate a vibrant breakfast in Xmas mood, able to give you a delicious power up, in any case.

That’s the reason why we’re happy to introduce you another marmelade made by Abram -aka NostrAbramus– time ago.

Those of you who follow our blog may remember about the origin of the curious name, NostrAbramus, and the first marmelade he made.

The ones of you who are just arrived here, can have a look at the link below to learn more

However, in short line, about one year ago the both of us had lot of fun by creating marmelades, confitures, jams…

Abram realized his recepies and I dressed “our ladies marmelade“, by giving them a nice name and telling in a fantasy way their ingredients

 (slowly by slowly I’ll introduce you them all).

Marmelades Atelier 🙂

a plastic water bottle on a table

Just a few Ladies Marmelade by NostrAbramus

Here we have the only King of the situation: the proud King Aranciocco (Aranciocco is the funny name that I’ve created for this marmelade, which means orange and chocolate )

with his faithful butler, Mr Choco, and his dear friend Passito, who came from Pantelleria (Passito di Pantelleria is a Sicilian liquor).

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Choco Orange, better sayed, Aranciocco Marmelade. Recipe by NostrAbramus, dress by Cecilia 😉

During their walk, they met a pepper guy, who enjoyed them: Peperoncino (red hot chilly pepper).

food on a table

Chocolate, Orange, Chilli, Passito.

Well, you have no idea how good they are togheter! A very delicious team.

Proof is in the pudding!

Having sayed that, it’s now recipe time.

Have fun and if you try or personalize your marmelade, please share it with us! Tag @ieatfoodtours on Ig or Fb.

May the Good Food be with us.

See you soon,



INGREDIENTS for 3 jars (150 gr each one):

450 gr oranges;

320 gr sugar;

20 gr vanillin;

1 lemon (juice);

200 ml Passito liqueur;

100 gr dark chocolate 70%

Chilli Q.B.


After having carefully washed your oranges, cut them in 4 pieces.

Remove the seeds and cut each quarter in tiny slices.

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Cutted Oranges

Choose a large pot and put into it your cutted oranges.

Cover the oranges with water (water has to be double than the quantity of oranges) and boil around 5 minutes with the lid on.

a pan filled with food

When the 5 minutes are over, remove the water with a colander, put again the orange in the pot and add sugar, vanilla, lemon juice, salt and Passito.

Mix everything very good and let it boil for one hour over a medium flame.

Add the right quantity of peppers in accordance with your desire to get more or less spicey taste and

stirring every 5 minutes.

After 1hour you should have the perfect texture.

a bowl of food

a bowl of food with a slice of pizza

a hand holding a bowl of food

Now you can place your marmelade in your sterilized jars

a person cooking food in a pan on a stove

After cutting up your dark chocolate (we have chosen our beloved  chocolate by Caffarrel, the Tourinese chocolatier  who invented the sublime Gianduja -pure hazenut and cocoa- back in 1865)

you can place them in the jar, stirring with a spoon for giving a nice chocolate flame effect (black and orange pairs nicely togheter 🙂

Close good the jar’s lin and let it cool down upside down for 24 hours.

a close up of food on a table

Then it’s really time to join the fruit of your work in the way that you prefer. As croissant filling or smeared on fresh bread…

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the coming recipes and posts!

May the Good Food always be with us,



If the jars are perfectly sterilized, you can save your marmelades about 3/4 mounths.

Once opened, the product stays good for one mounth.

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