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The Chef and The Storyteller. Meet the mind&soul of I Eat Food Tours.

a close up of a man and a woman taking a selfie

A Chef and a Storyteller.

Meet the founders of I Eat Food Tours.

Hello, Everyone!

In the first post of our blog we told you how it all started… I mean, we explained how we decided to set up I Eat Food Tours.

For those of you who’d like to read it, this down here is the link:

However, we never have told you something, so to speak, more private about us.

Let’s do it now, then!

Nice to e-meet you all, we’re Abram and Cecilia and we are the mind, heart and soul of

I Eat. Walking Food Tours in the beautiful city of Turin (Torino in Italian).

Abram is an executive chef. He is a Dutch living in the Piedmontese capital;

a group of people sitting at a table with food

Abram while he was working at Farmacia del Cambio and two of his dishes

a man cooking in a kitchen preparing food

Chef at work. Abram at Farmacia del Cambio

I am a sociologist, specialised in food studies and Socology of Tourism. I was born and raised in Torino, which really is the city where I belong…

Before  I Eat Food Tours I ‘ve been working for several years as a social researcher for the University of Studies of Turin, and then as a trainer and consultant for a huge international company.

I do love writing, storytelling, meeting people from all the world…and, last but not least,  I am in love with my town and food likewise! (It could ever be different?).

This is me, in a fairy place in Torino.

a group of people sitting at a table with a vase of flowers

Life is a Sunflower 🙂

a person standing in a garden

I do love flowers. Nature inspires and heals me.

text, letter

I am very passionate about writing and these ones are my precious friends.

Abram and I met in 2014 through social networking… and probably by the Food’s blessings.

a man and woman posing for a picture

a man standing in front of a building

Selfie with The Mole. Our first time togheter in Torino! Sorry for the bad quality of the pic but I love it 😉

I was immediately fascinated by Abram’s delicious dishes: so colorful and powerful, they told me a lot about him and his way of seeing life.

a plate of food on a table

Colorful Garden by Chef Abram

a vase of flowers on a table

Another delicious vegetarian dish made by Abram. Photo by Chiara Schiaratura

a plate of food with broccoli

Delicious maincourse by Abram. Photo by Chiara Schiaratura

Abram, for his part, was quite charmed by my vibrant personality and my way to write  about anything I love: including food, of course.

You know what’s happend in eight months?

Like in the most beautiful and modern fairytale, for the two of us was love at first sight therefore we decided to live togheter.

( Btw, we e-met on Valentine’s day… This special date meant something, after all! ).

So, by using many spoons of courage and with his heart filled with hope, Abram left his beloved Utrecht

and he moved to Torino.

… In this magic town he didn’t find just love awaits for him, but a really nice job as head chef in a marvellouse and historical place in the center of Torino, named Farmacia del Cambio.

You know, life never stops to surprise you if you give it a chance.

So, here we are now, enthusiast to fly
high with these tasty culinary adventures in our magic city!

We really can’t wait to share the culinary treasures of Torino.

Let’s seek out togheter the gastronomic gems of one of the most delicious city of Italy!

Historical cafes, markets, delicious small restaurants, deli shops and eateries, glamour bars… and so many others locations await for amazing your senses!

Just take a look at our Food Tours:

Just one more thing: I Eat Food Tour’s recipe is made of a special mix of very unique ingredients, that are: beauty, art, culture, tradition, emotion, sharing, fun and lots of great food, of course!

a group of people sitting at a table eating food

Sharing nice time and creating beautiful memories with our guests from USA

a group of people standing on a sidewalk

Unforgattable guests…

a group of people sitting at a table eating and drinking wine

Happy time with our guest from the wonderful Norway

Would you like to try this recipe with us?

We hope to see you soon in Torino.

Meantime, thanks for reading and…

#neverstoptobelieveit !

May the Good Food always be with us,


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