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Lady’s Kisses. Italian delicacies from Piemonte

a plastic container filled with different types of food on a table

Lady’s Kisses… what a romantic name for cookies, don’t you think?

Piemonte perhaps is one the sweetest and most and desirable region in Italy.

The marvelous Gianduja chocolate invented in Torino in 1861

and several kinds of typical cookies

created all over the land, make it an irresistable temptation!

Speaking of biscuits, today I am glad to introduce you one of the most famous -and one of my favourite- called ‘Baci di Dama‘ (Lady’s Kisses in English).

As you see, the romantic allure of Piemonte it’s also written in its typical products…

The name of these lovely ‘Baci di Dama’ was chosen because due to the two biscuit parts being paired together to resemble lips about to kiss.
A chocolate filling joins the two almost shortbread-like buttery biscuits, which are slightly crispy from the hazelnuts for a unique treat.

They’re especially good eaten alongside an espresso, therefore, during our can’t miss Chocolate Tour we’ll let you taste not just an espresso but simply one of a kind in a very unique location… and the best Lady’s kisses in town!

However, Lady’s kisses pair nicely also with a good cup of tea, like the rooibos Gianduja.

If you are a tea&chocolate lover (like me) and you love to collect nice boxes, you can easily shop online the rooibos chocolate tea from Maritea. Visit the site and have fun…There is so much to choose and the Xmas boxes are too lovely to resist!

a close up of food

Gianduja chocolate Rooibos

We can’t wait to guide you into the sweetest side of our gorgeous city!

Meantime, here it is the recipe for making about 35 delicious Baci for your dear ones.

By searching on Google you can easily find many recipes about the famous and appriciated Lady’s Kisses, however I choose the one from Lisa’s blog, whose name is VERYEATALIAN (nice, isn’t it?).

I really love Lisa’s pictures and contents and I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do.

Of course, once you’ll make the cookies you’ll fall in love with them immediately.

Proof is in the pudding!

Click on the link below and make happy your beloved ones 🙂

But don’t forget that you can make yourself and your dear ones even happier if you book an unforgattabe culinary experience in the city where Gianduja chocolate, Lavazza Espresso, Vermouth&Aperitif and so much more were invented, back in the time…

The name of this city is of course Torino.

You can plan a wonderful trip to the gorgeous and hilly area named Langhe from here.

Langhe are famous for being the land where the Slow Food Movement was invented, in 1983

But also for their black and white truffles and pedigree wines!

Well,  there is really so much to discover, to experience, to try and to taste in our region and in the wonderful Torino, therefore we can’t wait to meet you!

May the Good Food always Be with us,




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