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Unconventional Sacher Cake by Chef Abram


Unconventional Sacher Cake by Chef Abram.

Hello Everybody,

How’s going?

In Torino is raining for days but it doesn’t really matter, as we believe that sunshine is a state of mind 🙂

Besides, this type of weather is ideal for joining any kind of chocolate treat, even better if they’re homemade 🙂

I have to admit,  I’m quite lucky: those who already follow us know that Abram is a chef; he always loves to surprise me (and himself) with new nice recipes.

Well, being honest this is not one of his last ones but you know this cake was so good that it’s worth to be described on our blog.

Consequently, remembering this delicious chocolate cake -that Chef Abram prepared about one year ago-I thought you might like to have the recipe for making even sweeter your breakfast or your afternoon snack.

Recipes have not expiry date, after all 🙂

Having sayed that, I’d like to spend just a few words about why we have called this chocolate treat Unconventional Sacher, or alternatively Red Velvet Sacher. 

Not the classic version of one of the most famous cake in the world, then, but a delicious unconventional version of it 🙂

The name comes from one of Abram’s marmelade, Red Velvet (you can find its story and recipe here I personally liked it so much that I wanted to give it a sweet tribute.

Lady Red Velvet inspired this delish and it’s the one which was used for the filling’s cake (not the apricot marmelade in accordanc with the ancient recipe).

The authentic Sacher’s recipe is absolutely top secret. At the gorgeous Sacher Hotel in Vienna just a few Master Bakary Chefs know it.

Well, in this case Chef Abram has of course no problem to share with you his nice version 😉

hopefully to make happy all the chocolate lovers.

We would love to know what do you think about it.

Share your comment below, if you like!

And now, let’s Sacher ‘n Roll! 😀

Oh, just one more thing.

If you are in Torino and you would like to join an immersive chocolate experience, here we are!

Abram and I will be more than happy to guide you into the sweetest side of Torino and its large and important chocolate tradition!  (

Now seriously let’s Sacher ‘n Roll 😀



7 egg yolks;

7 egg whites;

Butter: 150 gr;

Powdered sugar: 125 gr;

75%Dark chocolate by Caffarel: 200 gr ;

2 bags of vanillin (8 gr each one);

sugar: 125 g;

a pinch of salt;

Flouer: 150 gr;

250 gr Red Velvet marmelade (there’s Abram’s recipe here );

Drench the sponge with Rhum, if you like it.


200 gr dark chocolate by Caffarel (75% dark);
250 gr of sugar;
150/170 ml of water.


  • Cut the chocolate in small pieces and melt it in a boiling water bath;
  • Do the same with the butter, and melt it slowly togheter with the chocolate, while you’re adding powered sugar and vanillin.
  • Stirring all the while to make up a uniform and creamy mixture.
  • Put the fire out at this point and add slowly the egg yolks under constant stirring.
  • Pre heat your oven (180 degree) and buttered your pan, sprinkling it of wheat. Add a pinch of salt and sugar in your egg whites and stiffen them until a uniform cream is obtained.
  • Add now them to the chocolate mixture.
  • Once also the egg whites have being uniform to the rest, you can add sifted flour, stirring until it becomes perfectly uniform to the other ingredients.
  • Bake it about one hour.

Once your Unconventional Sacher is ready, let it cool for a while and then cut it in 2 halves.

Try to obtain 2 much as possible precise rounds.

Now it’s time to fill it with  your Red Velvet jam (or with any other jam you may like).

a piece of cake sitting on top of a wooden cutting board

a vase filled with pink flowers on a table

Nostra Marmellata-Red Velvet by Chef NostrAbramus 🙂

If you have not enought time, you can always use the already made chocolate frosting (you can buy it in many bakaries or at the supermarket).

You may also like a lighter version, without fresh whipped cream neither milk.

As Abram has done for this Unconventional Sacher.


Making the chocolate in small pieces, let it melt in a water bath, adding step by step a bit of water and sugar.

Once the chocolate is completly melt and still warm, pour it on the cake.

a hand holding a chocolate donut

Use a spatula and sprinkle well the chocolate on the bottom of the cake and on its sides.

Be creative and decore your lovely cake in the way you like the most.

Then let it cool for a while.

Serve it along a few spoons of fresh whipped cream and a cup of tea.

a close up of a cell phone

a close up of a plate of birthday cake on a table

Abram’s Unconventional Sacher

This is such a exstatic sweet treat. You simply gonna love it!

NB: Let us know if you are going to make this recipe… and if you liked the post, please share it 🙂

Thanks for reading and see you very soon,



Pictures and content are mine.

Reproduction is permitted provided that the sourch is acknowledged,

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