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Pumpink Love. The Queen of the Autumn and its endless charm.

a person sitting at a fruit stand

Pumpink, my love…

During our market tour (

we dive deep into the flavors of wonderful local and overseas products;

our guests are always so fascinating by the large variaty of fruits and vegetables that you can find at Porta Palazzo marketplace (the biggest market in Europe, btw).

I’ve noticed that there’s in special one thing that makes them really enthusiastic… Guess what? Yep, pumpkins!

It’s like everyone of us becomes a child again looking at them. (‘Cause of Walt Disney/Halloween… ? Mmm, I don’t know. Anyway not for that about me).

a group of people sitting at a fruit stand

Market Tour’s scene



However, if you ask me, autumn is really the season which better reppresents Piemonte and its many tastes, you know.

I mean, any season has of course its own beautiful product but if I think about Piemonte I immediatly think about chocolate (could’t be different, we have invented one of the most delicious chocolate in the world!…

Just after I think about mushroomsblack&white truffle, and last but not the least Her Majesty The Queen.

Of course I’m speaking of pumpkin!

Look at these picture. Don’t you think these products smell of fairytale?

All togheter they paint a kind of fantasy land… Anything is magic like pumpkin on this season.

So delicious for cooking and so perfect as decoration, pumpkin symbolizes prosperity and wellness.

Its warm and bright  color gives always happy feelings and its versatility allows you to use it from the kitcken to the beauty saloon.

a man standing in a kitchen

From the kitchen to the gym as well 😀 Abram’s workout!

Speaking of beauty saloon, I’ve indeed recently discovered that my favourite helps to make your face skin more velvety. In short, it also has a kind of anti age effect.

What more can we ask, right?

As an Authentic Queen she is always able to glamour you, giving you the plasure to admire her in all the wonderful dresses and shapes…

a bowl of fruit

She is the same but never the same at the same time, and that is a part of her magic factor that charm me when I look at her.

a group of fruit and vegetable stand

a store filled with lots of fresh fruit

Well… In case I have another life, I wanna be a magic pumpkin 😉

And what about you? If you were a vegetable what would you be?

With this funny question, see you on the next post!

Thanks for reading,


PS: pictures and content are mine.


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