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CioccolaTO 2018. The sweetest and most awaited Chocolate Festival in Torino.


CioccolaTO 2018, the sweetest and most awaited international Chocolate Festival in Torino.

Oh Chocolate, My Chocolate…


Dark Chocolate, Milk chocolate, Gianduia chocolate…

Land of chocolate are waiting for you during the most awaited international chocolate Festival

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which is hosted – as usual- in the House of Chocolate par excellence: our delicious Torino.

From 9 November until 18 November the majestic Piazza San Carlo, that has always been defined “Torino’s drawing room” for its unique and aristocatic appeal – partly thanks to few historical and precious Chocolate and Confectionary Houses with a glorious past- will be the background to the event.

CioccolaTO, running annually since 2003.

More than 500,000 visitors attend the 10-day festival as the city is filled with chocolate and chocolatiers of all types.

Any kind of chocolate is good for the heart, you know.

Therefore, come to visit us and taste yourself how sweet this city can be…

We propose a very delicious chocolate experience as well, btw. If you want to take a look, this is the link

Havin sayed that, indulge your senses and allow yourself to fall in love with the most sweet city on earth!


NB: Just letting you know, I’ve purposely repeated many times the word chocolate, as in general we have never chocolate enough

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