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Torino. Where poetry rhymes with mistery.

a large building in the rain

Torino seems like a discreet jet so charmy lady.

‘She’ is the one on the wall during the dance who doesn’t do anything to be noticed, but, even then, everyone cannot stop to admire her.

This is my personal way to introduce you our wonderful city.

I will be delighted to guide you through the many faces of this misterious town, which has so many secret stories to tell you…

Allow me to be her poetic voice and join our experiences in the very heart of Torino (

Meanwhile, I would like to show you a few wonderful places which are a must-to-see if you come to visit the Capitale Sabauda.

a large clock tower towering over a city

The Royal House of Savoy (and the 4 twins, as I used to call the joyful Fountains! 🙂 ).

The Royal Palace ( is surely one of the Baroch’s gem of the city centre. It’s located in the very heart of Torino, in the large and charmy Piazza Castello. When you stend in the middle of this powerful square it’s like you are breathing all the good energy of the city!

a tall building with Mole Antonelliana in the background

Wherever you go, whatever you do, ‘she’ keeps an eye on you! The most famous symbol of Torino, La Mole, seen from a university’s classroom. Nice, isn’t it? 😊

167 metres of beauty for the major landmark symbol of Torino.

La Mole Antonelliana, created by the genius Alessandro Antonelli at the end of the XIX Century, represents one of the most brilliant exemple of architectural excellence and it houses our precious National Cinema Museum (

Well, the proud and greatness symbol of Turin has a very special gift: it got a different look in each one of the pictures you take of it!

a stone building that has a sign on a sidewalk

The ancient town shows many gems; most of them are quite hidden, like this secret corner that is one of my favourite…

a group of people standing in front of a building

Via Pietro Micca’s building and its amazing eclectic architecture.



To be continued…


(All the photos are mine. Any reproduction of text and immagines is not permitted).

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