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Event & Travel Planning | Something Uniquely Different, Just For You.

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We cannot figure out something more exciting than making your vision a reality…

There is nothing more powerful than bringing people together at the same time, in the same place, to share Meaningful Experiences.

Whether it’s for:

~Magical Italian Vacation

~Wedding Cerimonies

~Grand Opening

~End-of-Year Celebrations

~Bespoke Culinary Tours

~Unique Cooking Classes

or something completely different — we create Design Events that people remember.

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Dreamful Events Designed with Love & Creatitivity. Let us make what’s just a fantasy a magic reality.

We are a team of brilliant, visionary and creative experts who work with a unique method and approach to create experiences with a profound emotional impact.

Basically, we use our body, mind, soul and heart… plus “That Something” that makes everything special.

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We are multipassionate and sensitive people.

We got a sharp brain and we built a sort of Himalayn size knowledge over the years spent working in many areas such as:

~Travel & Hospitality;

~Tourism Management;

~Food & Beverage;

~Social Researches;

~Life & Travel Coaching;

~Holistic disciplines.

n Italy as much as in the North of Europe.

From a Planning point of view all these traits are pure gold as they allow us to design Unique Events which Simply are Unforgattable and leave a gentle mark on your heart.

If your porpose is standing out from the crowd and collecting marvellouse moments that matter,

you certainly need a Brave Squad of people who Dream Big, Love Hard and Work with Dedication.

We are loooking forward to meeting tons of Soul Clients and creating for them – and with them – something so magical that gonna lasts for ever…

Are you ready to make unique memories on a warm and sparkling journey?

Let the Magic Begin Now.

Contact us for more information:



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