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Street Food Tour Deluxe | Check out who talks about our culinary tour

a piece of food on a plate

Street Food Tour Deluxe – Tastes of Turin – feautured in the blog of Brooke Herron.

A huge 💕THANK YOU💕 to

Brooke Herron

from the Blog A Different Kind of Travel

for the lively and beautiful article about her experience with I Eat Food Tours, from which we quote below.

Please open the link for reading the entire article.

“If you’ve followed this blog or my social media channels at all, you’ll know that I looovve food tours. I think they are a fantastic way to get introduced to a city, to meet other people as a solo traveler and to help you scope out restaurants or eateries you want to come back to later if you have more time.

If you are looking for a food tour in Turin that will offer you a way to try many many different kinds of local foods and dishes as well as that is run by warm and welcoming locals, I recommend trying the ‘Tastes of Turin’ food tour with I Eat Food Tours. You will NOT leave this hungry.

I’ve been on a lot of food tours and I can honestly say that this one was one of the best values and experience I’ve had.


a group of people preparing food on a table

Cand Cheese and Charcuterie Tasting

a group of people holding wine glasses

Abram showing a delicious Nebbiolo Wine dates 2016

a bowl of rice on a plate

There is no way you could taste this many #amazing different #dishes and/or #foods in #Torino, for the same price on your own.

The benefit of being able to sweep into popular places and have a table or private room ready and waiting for you, as well as gaining a private audience with the owner, #chef or purveyor of these businessis what really appeals to #foodies who want the ‘#insider’ #experience“.

Well, read this article the second day of January was a very beautiful way to start this magic 2020.

We believe that love and passion are the engine of this wonderful world and we make sure that our private storeroom has got surplus of both…

We invite you to be a part of our culinary adventures or to create a memorable event with us  to find out yourself.

Whather it’s the Street Food Tour Deluxe or any other experience we propose or customize for you, you can be sure we’ll make you happy.

Sending you love from Italy,

Cecilia & Abram

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