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Lonely Planet suggests our Food Tours in Turin!

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Lonely Planet suggests our food tours in one of the most charming and flavorful cities of Italy:
Turin (Torino in Italian)

Surprise, surprise!

We just found out by accident that our food tours are featured in the category “Italy Activities” on

Lonely Planet!

That’s a very great news!

Thanks Lonely Planet.

And a huuuge thank you to all the splendid people from across the world who have been choosing us since the very beginning three years ago.

Marvelouse people from all sides of United States, California, Australia, New Zeland, United Kingdom, Norway, Island, The Netherlands, Belgium, Emirates, Danmark, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, French, Germany…

Well, as soon as these difficult times will be over, we’ll celebrate Life together with the entire world again.

We are working for making our events even more spectacular, ’cause we all need Greatness and a Delightful New beginning.

So-so much!

We trust we’ll see each others very soon.

Look forward to giving you a memorable mulisensory experience in one of the most charming cities of Italy: #turin

If you’d like to receive more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us: we are happy to help you.

Meantime, stay safe.

Sending love from Italy,
Cecilia & Chef Abram



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See you there and see you in Italy!

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