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Red Velvet: the firstborn among NostrAbramus’ jams, made by Chef Abram

a close up of a flower

Red Velvet, Red Passion…

-The Beginning-

Every story has a beginning: the picture below rapresents the one of

Marmellate 🍒NostrAbramus!

a bowl of fruit

Little, juicy, sweet , Red…Velvet! 🙂

One year ago, during a very warm Sunday afternoon, Abram and I got a nice basket of  freshly plucked cherries.

Differently than what we normally do when we have these delicious red pearls in front of our eyes, we decided to save the most of them for making a greedy jam. More than just one, actually, because we got pretty much cherries 🙂

Why the name NostrAbramus?

I tell you.

Not so long ago I discovered that Michelle de Nostradamus, the famous French pharmacist and astrologist, was very passioate about food… and indeed jams.

I found his hobby pretty curious and interesting and I did investigate a little bit, when I came to his “Treaty of jams”, written in 1555.

So, long story short, I thought was nice to arrange a kind of date: Abram met Nostradamus and he become NostrAbramus! 🙂

Playing is very important when you are a chef ( and not just in that case) and is a very unmissable ingredient if you like to find new ways and get constantly inspired. You know what?Abram and I do adore playing… 😀

So, dear friends, if you are curious to know what will be the next NostrAbramus creation, inscribe to our newsletter!

We expect 🔮 you gonna love the other recipes 😉

Here we are! Time for making a delicious Red Velvet jam! Why Red Velvet?

Because our jam has the same intense red as the sponge of the famous American cake… and we like it sooo much!



1 Kg cherries (no bones);

500 gr sugar;

1 lemon (skin and juice);

10liefs of meliss (or mint);

200 ml sofr brandy;

6 gr pectin.


Pit the cherries and wash them good.

Then place them in a deep bawl and add sugar and lemon juice.


Leave them marinating for 4/5 hours in a cool space.

Then move the cherries in a large pot, add Meliss liefs (or mint) and light the fire.

Brought to a boiling point and 5 minutes since they will boil, add brendy and pectin and mix everything very good.

Bake other 5 minutes.

a close up of a plate of pizza

Cooking drawings: what do you see in there? I can see a mummy who hold her little child, who is happy for knowing that jam is waiting for him 😀

a bowl of food

Cherries Bubbles



Finally, remove melissa liefs and… the deed is done!

Simple, isn’t it?

Our greedy  Red Velvet  is now ready for making even more delicious your sweet breaks.

NB: save your jams in glass jars sterilized before.



Put the jams in, riggings the lid and put them upside down untill they’ll be completly cooled.

Use within 30 days after opening.


a vase filled with pink flowers on a table

Red Velvet (pic nic dressed ).

Ah, one more thing, if you are going to try some of Abram’s recipes, tag us on Instagram (#ieatfoodtours) or share it on our Fb page.

May the Good be with us 🙂

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