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Tomato Sandwich | Cooking With Chef Abram

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Stile Italiano
What’s the first product that comes to your mind when they say “Italy“?
Pasta maybe? Or Pizza?
Either way, we cannot talk about the Italian cuisine without mentioning His Majesty The Tomato.
Well, since it’s Wednesday and it’s Cooking with Chef Abram time, we’re supposed to post a delicious first dish prepared by him and to share the recipe with you.
Then I fell in love with this glowing tomato (it was our light lunch today) and I decided the pasta dish will come the next week.
Hope you don’t mind.
A Different Kind of Sandwich
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His Majesty The Tomato

This vegetarian and delicious tomato sandwich is filled with a velvet cream of ricotta and mozzarella that both come from a small producer who has his farm not so far from Turin
The cream is flavored with one of our favourite ingredient: the amazing fresh basil.
The green plumed hat consists of a lovely and crispy chip of this beautiful herb.
All you have to do is open this veggie treasury, taste a slice of Italy… and come to visit us for more!
Cheap and Chic Recipe for 6 People
This recipe is easy and fast to make yet the ending result is so delicious that you gonna make your audience very satisfied.
6 Round Tomatoes;
400 gr fresh Ricotta Cream;
400 gr Mozzarella Fiordilatte;
1. Wash well your six tomatoes;
2. Cut off the tomato’s head and set aside;
3. Empty your tomatoes with a small spoon;
4. Cut the mozzarella in small pieces and blend it for a couple of minutes, adding salt, oil and pepper (to taste);
5. Once the mozzarella mixture is ready, add to that the ricotta cream, that you have previously flavored with little pieces of fresh basil;
6. Fill now your tomato with the mix of ricotta and mozzarella;
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Mozzarella cream filling

8. In a pan boil some evo and fry six lieves of basil (one each tomato) for just a few seconds.
Chose an unconventional plate to serve your veggie sandwich and decorate your tomato with a very delicious hat (the fried basil).
Last but not least: join your fresh, light and tasty Tomato Sandwich!
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