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Turin: 7 reasons why you should visit this wonderful Italian city.

a group of people in front of a building

Turin, city of Great Beauty.

Accordingly to Lonely Planet:

there’s a whiff of Paris in Turin’s elegant tree-lined boulevards and echoes of Vienna in its stately art-nouveau cafes, but make no mistake – this elegant, Alp-fringed city is utterly self-possessed. The industrious Torinese gave the world its first saleable hard chocolate and Italy’s most iconic car, the Fiat.

A Goddess with Many Faces…

Anyway, I usually love to describe Turin as a Goddess with many faces (semicit. Game of Thrones) as much as I like to present the city as a discret yet so charming lady.

a group of people standing in front of a pond

Fountain of 12 months. Valentino Park, Turin. 

She is the one at the dance –who makes one with the upholstery– who does nothing to be noticed and yet all eyes are on her.

This is the imagine that comes up in my mind when I look at some special places of the city.

And so, when does she act like a Goddess and when, rather, like a charming lady?

I am going to show you both sides, which are related to the 7 reasons why you should visit Turin.

I bet you’re wondering why in particular 7.

Well, it is quite known that this number has a pretty visceral appeal and so I believe it goes perfectly with the spirit of Torino.

7 Reasons why you should visit Turin

1.Torino’s Magnificent Squares, architecture & arcades

I am in love with the alluring charm of the fabulous squares of Turin. I really am.


a large stone building

The Majestic Piazza Castello (just a slice)

I love to get in the middle of them and to absorb powerful energies around me.

You should do the same once you visit Torino, believe me.

If you close your eyes and you breath deep in and out, it’s even better. Just to make sure to root that amazing sense of beauty inside of you.

About the architecture, from Baroque to contemporary art Turin is rich of masterpieces.

Besides, there is no other Italian city able to show you different periods and architectural styles in just a small slice, like in the picture below.

a stone building

a gold and blue clock tower

Fenoglio-Lafleur House. A proper jewel of Liberty Style in Turin. Corso Francia.

a close up of a train station

My best picture of Galleria Umberto I In the past the Gallery was the first hospital of Turin, it turned in a shopping mall around the end of 1800 and now it’s a beautiful link between the old town and the open air market, with design atelier and some eateries&cafès.

2. World Class Museums, like The Egyptian Museum and Museo dell’Automobile.

You could easily spend an entire day exploring the amazing Egyptian Museum; it has one of the most detailed exhibitions of Egyptian ancient history in the world

a person sitting in a room

(info&tickets: ).

This is definetely a Goddess’ spot, without any doubt. (Gods’ and Goddess’, we make an exeption…).

Speaking of Museo dell’Automobile, well, it sure presents Torino as the automobile capital of Italy. (What if I say Cinquecento? Legendary car made by Fiat and still popular all over the world?).

a car parked in a parking lot

Personalized Fiat Cinquecento. Photo Credit: Klaus Heller

Whether you’re into the car industry or not, you’ll love this interactive museum, that is laid out very clearly and includes fun exhibits as well as some more serious moments. All of it very educational and easy to stroll through at whatever speed you choose (kind of like Italian highways).

a car parked in a room

Photo Courtesy: Museo dell’Automobile.


3. La Mole Antonelliana: emblematic symbol of Torino, it was initially conceived as a synagogue, before being bought by the City of Turin and made into a monument to national unity.

La Mole Antonelliana is also the house of the National Museum of Cinema (since 2000).

In fact, not so many people know that Torino was the first Italian city producing national movies (yes, before Rome).

Among the most important in the world for its rich heritage and the diversity of its scientific and educational activities, The National Cinema Museum owes its uniqueness to its exhibition set-up.

(info&tickets: )

a large tall tower with a clock on the side of Mole Antonelliana

Is it La Mole The Goddess or the charming Lady? Well,  I maybe vote for The Goddess, perfectly balanced between heaven and earth.

But somehow it’s also the discret yet charming lady. I mean, she doesn’t do anything to be noticed, she’s just herself: 167 meters of beauty! We’re quite proud of our Top Model Sabauda.

Anyway, I am curious to get your opinion.

4. Royal Residences and  precious Churches

water next to the building

The Royal Palace, house of the Savoy Family, and the Royal Church of San Lorenzo(to the left).

When I look at the white facade of The Royal Palace, on the picture above, I see the lady at the dance I mentioned before.

Silent charm from the outside, incredible opulence inside.

This was the Savoy’s philosophy, after all: let’s keep a low-profile, why should we show how rich we are? Or something like that.

For those who have never heard about the Savoy family before, this was one of the oldest Royal Family in the world.

The House of Savoy (Italian: Casa Savoia) is a royal dynasty that was established in 1003 in the historical Savoy region. Through gradual expansion, the family grew in power from ruling a small county in the Alps north-west of Italy to absolute rule of the kingdom of Sicily.

Through its junior branch, the House of Savoy-Carignano, it led the unification of Italy in 1861 and ruled the Kingdom of Italy from 1861 until 1946 and, briefly, the Kingdom of Spain in the 19th century (source: Wikipedia).

Another beautiful Royal Palace that deserves to be mentioned is La Reggia di Venaria (Palace of Venaria).

It’s an architectural and landscape masterpiece, designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO, located in a small village called Venaria, just 15 kilometers far from Turin.

(I was born there, btw. I mean, in Venaria, not at La Reggia 😀 )

However, here too, I see the Lady and not the Goddess. 

Quite atmospheare, elegant surrounding. La Reggia is surely a wonderful palace, but I can’t feel the irrepressible Goddess’ energy,  if you understand what I mean.

a close up of a stone building

La Reggia di Venaria (back side).

a person standing in front of a building

Me, balancing lights and shadows… Salone di Diana, Reggia di Venaria.

Turin has also many precious Churches and Cathedrals.

At least 15 show a very remarkable beauty.

The marvelous Guarini’s Chapel, in particular, it’s an extraordinary example of unique beauty in town that was constructed to house the Sacred Shroud of Turin:  a length of linen cloth bearing the negative image of a man. Some believe the image depicts Jesus and the fabric is the burial shroud in which he was wrapped after crucifixion

(more info:

a close up of a church

Guarini’s Chapel stands proud, touching the blue sky.

a clock on the side of a building

Chapel of the Holy Shroud

Another can’t miss masterpiece is the Royal Church of San Lorenzo, in Piazza Castello. No façade marking the church, that means for tourists is not always so easy to identify this place as a place of worship.

Actually I should say that, more than a Church, this is a kind of ‘Esoteric Journey‘ into the soul of the brilliant Architect Guarino Guarini.

During the week end there are always kind and knowleadgeable volunteers glad to help you discover more about this authentic Baroque gem.

a group of people in front of a building

Magnificent view of the Alps and of the marvelous Royal Church of San Lorenzo (to the right). Pic was taken from the tower of Palazzo Madama, in Piazza Castello.

5. +30 open air markets! Including the largest of Europe, called Porta Palazzo.

a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables on display

Seriously, isn’t amazing to be embraced by delicious colors, happy smells and the Greatest choice of locals fresh products?

This is what I call food&color theraphy. It’s beautiful, it’s fun.

a group of people standing in front of a crowd posing for the camera

Me and three lovely ladies from L.A. and France, exploring the colors and flavors of Porta Palazzo market during our Turin food tours.

a close up of many different vegetables on display

In love with these beautiful “mammole”, special viariety of artichokes.

It’s Free! You don’t always have to buy, right?

Btw, have you ever tryed to walk through a market when you feel a bit down or out of inspiration?

a close up of a piece of broccoli

If not, you should try it.

Realizing how generous Mother Nature is with us makes you feel in power up instantly. Look at this green Romanesco cabbage: is it not a fantastic example of perfection?

Anyway, daily shopping has always been part of our Italian design.

We love walking through the stalls, talking to the vendors and getting the best deals and products.

Feeling that sense of community that helps to understand We All Are One.

If we talk about Porta Palazzo open air market, well, this is really one of a kind. This place represents the epicentrum of different cultures, identities… foods!
If it’s true that food is all about “contaminations“, you should visit the market and feel how people from across the world have found their way to dialogue with each other…

a close up of a busy city street in front of a building

Almost 1000 vendors from Italy, North Africa, Latin America, Asia…

Open Monday to Saturday and located in the very heart of the ancient city.

Here, at Porta Palazzo, you are able to find pratically anything you are looking for… what you are not looking for, in particolar. Since they sell staff of any sort at fantastic prices 🙂

a group of people standing around a table

Amazing guests from Manhattan joining the Street Food Tour deluxe.

6. La Sacra di San Michele & Secret spots of enchanting beauty

The Majestic Sacra di San Michele is not located in Turin but in the beautiful Susa Valley (about 40 km from Torino). Since it’s something absolutely unique, I have to mention this place altough is not in the city.

This monument is a symbol of Piedmont Region and a place that inspired the writer Umberto Eco to conceive the best-seller  “Il nome della rosa” ( The name of the rose ) , the Sacra of San Michele is an ancient abbey built between 983 and 987 on the top of mount Pirchiriano, 40 km from Turin. From it’s towers you can admire Turin and a breathtaking view of the Val di Susa. Inside the main Church of the Sacra, dating from the twelfth century, are buried members of House of Savoy  (one of the oldest royal family in the world).

Dedicated to the cult of the Archangel Michele, defender of the Christian people, the Sacra di San Michele fits inside a ruote of pilgrimage (long over 2000 km) wich runs from Saint-Michel ( France ) to Monte Sant’Angelo (Puglia).

The history, the spiritual value and the landscape that sorrounds it trasform the Sacra in a special destination for visitors from all over Europe: pilgrims, faithfuls, tourists but also athletes who want to test themselves with climbing paths or mountain-bike.

The Sacra di San Michele offers to its public guided tours and events during all months of the year.

a view of a mountain

Sacra di San Michele is surely one of my Soul’s Place. The place where I feel connected to the Divine like no other place, and where I can also deeply feel the divine part in each one of us.

This is the place where your spirit, yous soul meet the divine to its greatest potential.

If you’d like to discover a unique place of its kind, where you really feel yourself as a miracle, you really can’t miss The Sacra

( more info:

Of course, this is all about my feelings and this presentation is striclty connected with my personal way to look at the most beautiful things we have in Turin and Piedmont.

an old stone building

a stone building that has a clock at the top of a rock

About the secret spots of enchanting beauty, well, my list is almost endless…

Anyway I am going to show you just a few of my favourites, hopefully to share much more when you come visit Torino and join our Turin Tours.

Although I feel that “magic” is a specific attitude and each one of us finds it in the most different ways and places (which is terrific, btw).

a group of bushes in a garden

A tiny taste of the beautiful Princess Garden at Palazzo Madama

a man standing in front of a building

Me, feeling one with this enchanting hidden Palace dates back 1700.

a blurry image of a building

Ah… How much I love this shoot and this secret spot! If you are seeking for magic, you’ll have fun at finding out this place 😉

a large building

Torino is made of mistery… and in this secret place it smells a lot of jasmine 🙂 Love it!

a wooden door

Open the doors to the magic…

7. Last but not least: A M A Z I N G food scene. Amazing coffee, chocolate, pastries, food, wines and gelato. Pretty much anything you would love.

Turin is the city that gave birth to Lavazza Caffè (since 1895) , but also Costadoro (since 1890) and Vergnano (1882). As you can see, Vergnano Coffee is even older than the most known Lavazza.

If you are a coffee enthusiast – and I believe you are, during your Italian vacation, at least- I suggest you to visit the Lavazza Museum: a circular journey, exploring the story of Lavazza and the coffee production chain, while offering surprising content, information and engaging experiences.


a cup of coffee

Espresso Doc. Costadoro Caffè.

And so, Turin specialist of coffee.. but also Cappuccino and hyper delicious small pastries…

a close up of a piece of cake on a plate

Perfect color, perfect milk’s texture. A first-class cappuccino!

a slice of cake on a plate

Are you good at resisting temptations? Sure not so good if I introduce you some of the most delicious pastries in town!

a bunch of food on a table

Piedmont on a plate! Iconic dishes made in Piemonte from our Evening Out Experience (just one spot of the three exclusive locations we visit).

a person sitting at a table with a hot dog

Welcome to Cheeseland! A gourmet cheese tasting during our Street Food Tour Deluxe

a table topped with different types of food

Nebbiolo, Barolo, Barbera, Barbaresco… First class wines from Piedmont that you will instantly fall in love with.

a person sitting at a table with a plate of food

Agnolottini del Plin. Very typical stuffed pasta (mini cute bags, as I recall it) filled with three different type of roasted meat (beef, rabbit and pork).

When it comes to divine foods, wines and treats we have to mention the Goddess, for sure. Goddessess love to enjoy the pleasures of life.

a group of people sitting in a restaurant

Turin Luxury Tours. Very Special Guests on a Very Special Experience.

a bunch of food on a table

Aperitivo Gourmet. Did you know that the Aperitif ritual was born in Turin back in 1786?

a bottle of wine and a glass of beer on a table

A selection of Vermuth made in Turin (plus Campari).
Before the famous Martini&Rossi, Carpano was the King of the Aperitif! Come join us to discover…and taste more!

a store filled with lots of different types of food

The Chocolate Kingdom! Chocolate in Torino is much more than just Nutella, as you can see.

a person preparing food in a kitchen

Turin: the (He)art of making gelato.

And so, of course this is just a small summary about why you better add the city of Turin for your next Italian trip.

a tall building with Mole Antonelliana in the background

“I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky…” La Mole Antonelliana from a University classroom (lucky me at that time, right? 😉

Torino is still a gem to be discovered…

And it could prove to be a wonderful surprise for those who are looking for a city characterized by unique charm and irresistible magical appeal.

It’s a wonder that a city with so much to offer has not more tourists who take advance of its amazing attractions. Maybe it’s because both the goddess and the lady love secrets and to remain secret? Who knows…

As many of our guests notice and tell us, the city is a charming mosaic of all the most beautiful things of Italy’s more famous cities (such as cathedrals, cafes, precious squares, wonderful restaurants…) but without the massive waves of tourists or higher prices.

It’s really worth to visit, sure thing.

Anyway, if you’d like to make the best out of your stay in Turin, I have something else to suggest you:

Come meet us & The Goddess (and the discret Lady as well) in some of her most beautiful spots and discover the city going through its incredible gastronomic scene!

Jason James et al. sitting at a dinner table posing for the camera

More than special guests: precious friends from San Francisco and Chicago.

You can join

the Street Food Tour deluxe for a vibrant and immersive culinary tour in the very heart of Turin, including the open air Market place and the hidden gastronomic gems of the downtown

La dolce Torino, a sweet and elegant experience mainly based on chocolate… oh… what a chocolate!

A charming, luxury and sparkling experience of its kind, the Evening Out with Aperitif and Dinner

Looking for something totally tailored, that includes other Italian gems?

We love this kind of requests.

Drop us a message with your wishes and we gonna work for turning them into reality.

Let us show you our magic at full volume!

Choose Italy.

Choose I Eat Food Tours for making the best out of your Italian experience!

7 charming ladies from L.A who chose us for their Event Planning in Turin and Lombardy.

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