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Vicoforte Sanctuary in Piedmont. Trascendental Experience.

Nothing is waste.
It all returns to the great source of creation between hearth and sky.
Santuario di Vicoforte

Vicoforte Sanctuary, Piemonte. Photo Credits: I Eat. Food Tours and Event Planning

The immense elliptical dome of the Vicoforte Sanctuary, in Piedmont, is my personal tribute to the immensity of one of the most extraordinary Italian songwriters: Franco Battiato.
Inspired Sicilian musician.
Sophisticated, ironic, restless, positively crazy and hermetic poet and philosopher.
Yesterday this incredible artist left the physical body to continue his journey and sing Elsewhere.
A special journey that will be light and bright like the magnificent fresco that covers the 6000 square meters of the dome.
Vicoforte. Cupola ellittica

Santuario di Vicoforte. Cupola ellittica. Photo credits: I EAT. Food Tours and Event Planning

Cupola ellittica

Photo Credits: I Eat. Food Tours and Event Planning

This is one of the most unique piece of art you can visit not just in Piedmont region but in whole Italy. I highly reccommend you to enter to the Sanctuary with an open spirit and be completely embraced by its extraordinary holiness. The endless and epic beauty of this sacral place will feed your soul deeply.
I’d also like to suggest you to walk into this church and listening to “La Cura” by Franco Battiato, before you leave. It doesn’t matter if you do not understand the lyrics. They will arrive straight to your heart anyway. Though I believe you may like to know what this incredibly beautiful song is about:
I will protect you from the fears of hypochondria
From the disturbances you will encounter on your way from today
From the injustices and deceptions of your time
From the failures that by your nature you will normally attract
I will relieve you of the pains and your mood swings
From the obsessions of your manias I will
overcome the gravitational currents
Space and light to keep you from getting old
And you will heal all diseases
Because you are a special being
And I, I will take care of you
I was wandering the fields of Tennessee
How did I get there, who knows
Don’t you have white flowers for me?
Faster than eagles my dreams
cross the sea
Above all I will bring you silence and patience We will
walk together the paths that lead to the essence
The scents of love will inebriate our bodies
The calm of August will not calm our senses
I will weave your hair like wefts of a song
I know the laws of the world, and I will give them to you I will
overcome the gravitational currents
Space and light so as not to make you grow old
I will save you from all melancholy
Because you are a special being
And I will take care of you
Yes, I will take care of you
Source:  LyricFind
Songwriters: Francesco Battiato / Manlio Sgalambro
The cure lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
I can’t help myself, I can do anything but cry when I let the poetry of these touching words enter into my heart. And if in addition we add the atmospheare of this majestic place, well you’ll really have a trascendental experience you won’t forget. I promise.
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I will take my leave then with the prophetic and inspired words of  Battiato.
… I believe that in the end, good will win. We will need to increase our ability to grasp the absolute, beyond human contingencies. We live in a world that is refractory to spirituality, and indeed the road to the spirit is so impervious.
But my experience as a musician teaches me not to despair: the audience is not homogeneous, I never know if they applaud the pleasantness of my songs or the spirituality that inspired them.
I have the feeling, however, that a part of my audience perceives and shares this tension, I notice, at times, an almost religious listening.
And then I say: there is, in people, a need for spirituality of which most are not yet aware.
We wait for it to come to light”
[Franco Battiato, 2005]
Thanks for reading.
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