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Things to see in Piedmont

Vicoforte Sanctuary in Piedmont. Trascendental Experience.

Nothing is waste. It all returns to the great source of creation between hearth and sky. Vicoforte Sanctuary, Piemonte. Photo Credits: I Eat. Food Tours and Event Planning The immense elliptical dome of the Vicoforte Sanctuary, in Piedmont, is my personal tribute to the immensity of one of the most extraordinary Italian songwriters: Franco Battiato….

The History of Turin’s Best Coffee Houses | La Dolce Torino

The History of Turin’s best Coffee Houses Since the early 17th century Turin is famous for chocolate, which we have to name in one breath with Turin’s historic coffee houses. In the capital of the Piedmont region, you can enjoy chocolate treats and tasteful coffee in charming historical settings. Turin’s oldest cafes all have great…