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Blogs By Cecilia

Chocolate Tour

Turin’s Historic Coffee Elegance. Caffè Platti

Step into the heart of Turin’s coffee legacy with our journey to the iconic Cafe Platti, where every cup tells a tale of elegance and history. Caffè Platti: uncovering Turin’s Coffee Elegance with Cecilia Come with me: immerse yourself in the vintage charm of this beautiful  Turin Historic Coffee House through my blog post. Introduction…

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February 8, 2024

Exploring Turin’s Sweet Side: a Unique Experience for Ontario’s Young Rugby Players

Exploring Torino’s Sweet Side: A Unique Experience for Ontario’s Young Rugby Players A Unique Experience Crafted by I EAT Food Tours for the Ontario’s Young Rugby Players Our company recently had the pleasure of hosting 33 young and enthusiastic rugby players coming to Torino from Ontario. Choosing our heartfelt activities for their journey into the…

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January 19, 2024

Epiphany’s Magic: Pagan Roots, Witches, and Sweet Traditions | Turin’s Chocolate Tour with Lia

Chocolates, Candies & Sugar Treats! Lia the sugary witch is getting ready for the Ephifany!   As the world welcomes the dawn of January 6th, a date etched in time as Epiphany, we find ourselves standing at the crossroads of history, mythology, and tradition. Epiphany, with its roots stretching back to ancient pagan celebrations, carries…

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January 6, 2024

Unwrapping the Sweet Saga: Exploring the Global Chocolate Multiverse.

Chocolate delights in Turin. Artisanal chocolate pearls. The fascinating  journey through the chocolate multiverse. For the past 4000 years, millions of people the world over have turned to this mysterious delicacy for rituals, medicine, romance, and sheer pleasure. Every time someone uncovers a wrapper, or opens a box, they’re about to indulge in the phenomena…

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December 10, 2023

Top reasons why you should take a food tour – I EAT Food Tours Turin

Food Tours: why you should take one in every visited city Food Tours have became one of the most meaningful, and certainly delicious, ways of developing tourist destinations. In fact, the food image of a city is a crucial component to stimulate curiosity and attract an audience who is interested to explore a new city…

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November 8, 2023


GINO D’ACAMPO, the Italian celebrity chef living in the UK, and his gorgeous wife Jessica joined I EAT Food Tours in Turin! Jessie D’Acampo and her lovely mom Elizabeth, joining our chocolate experience in Turin Life is full of amazing surprises…are you with me? Well, it was just WOW to receive such vibrant, happy, awesome…

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May 30, 2022

The History of Turin’s Best Coffee Houses | La Dolce Torino

The History of Turin’s best Coffee Houses Since the early 17th century Turin is famous for chocolate, which we have to name in one breath with Turin’s historic coffee houses. In the capital of the Piedmont region, you can enjoy chocolate treats and tasteful coffee in charming historical settings. Turin’s oldest cafes all have great…

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March 31, 2021

Merenda Reale: Sweet Afternoon Snack from Turin

Merenda Reale: the sweet afternoon snack invented in Turin by the Royal Family of Savoy. Have you ever experienced this afternoon craving for something sweet and delicious that goes well with your coffee or tea? Turin invented the Merenda Reale, which you probably never heard of, unless your taste buds experienced it. Embrace yourself for this…

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February 29, 2020