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Blogs By Cecilia

Must Visit Cafès in Turin: The Ultimate Guide

Turin’s Historic Coffee Elegance. Caffè Platti

Step into the heart of Turin’s coffee legacy with our journey to the iconic Cafe Platti, where every cup tells a tale of elegance and history. Caffè Platti: uncovering Turin’s Coffee Elegance with Cecilia Come with me: immerse yourself in the vintage charm of this beautiful  Turin Historic Coffee House through my blog post. Introduction…

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February 8, 2024

TOP 10 Best Coffee Houses in Turin | I EAT Food Tours

Best Coffee Houses in Turin  | Walking with I EAT Food Tours January 30, 2023 Turin rhymes with coffee. Coffee as a beverage, of course, but also as a place of tasting. This blog is the ultimate guide to explore and be amazed by the best coffee houses of Turin. Both the historic cafes and…

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February 2, 2023