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Torino Auto Museum: Epithome of Italy’s Industrial Capital

Do you know that Torino hosts one of the oldest Automobile Museums in the world?

Fiat 500, Mole Antonelliana, Torino, Alpi

Iconic FIAT 500


Originally established in 1932 by Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia- one of the founders of Fiat and pioneer of Italian motoring – The National Automobile Museum is one of the oldest Automobile Museums in the world.

Italy’s automotive capital, you cannot talk about Torino without taking into consideration its precious industrial heritage.
As a matter of fact, cars are integral part of the culture, social and economic history of the so called ‘Detroit of Italy’.
That said, it’s not just appropriate but also natural to host a museum that engages in conversation both the industrial character of the city and the local history and socio-economical transformations of Torino itself.
MAUTO is the temple of Automotive design.
a truck that is driving down the road

Vintage Fiat. 1908

It boasts a precious collection of 200 original vintage cars of 80 different brands – representing 8 countries (Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, USA and Poland).
a truck that is sitting on a motorcycle
Located on the left bark of the Po river and a short walking distance from Lingotto (the head quarter of Fiat) this world class museum is hosted in a charming building that represents a rare example of modern architecture.
The cars are emblems of a world that has never stopped changing and evolving. Perhaps that is an aspect that should make the subject interesting enough also for those who are not into cars that much.
And if you are curious to explore the past, present and even the future of the automobile industry, you really can’t miss a visit to this one-of-a-kind museum.
MAUTO is not just a mere sequence of cars. On the contrary, each automobile is set up on display to tell a story – which is very clever and it allows you to get a cultural frame of that specific historical- economical period.
Furthermore, the thematic installations allow any kind of audience to be captivated by the experience. Not only car lovers or experts, so to speak.
What I enjoyed the most? I would say the gorgeous cars from the crazy Twenties and Thirties! 😍 And for sure also the displays’ captions.
What about Abram? Well, he was particularly captivated by The Genesis. Must admit that is pretty impressive to see the massive sort of step-by-step evolution from carriages to the first cars. What really is remarkable, though,  is the story of a dream that  took men to machine. A process that  has never stopped and never will. To testify that dreams are real.
We highly recommend you to visit MAUTO and to enrich your visit with a stroll through the huge food mall EATaly, founded in Turin city about twenty years ago.
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That’s why we are here!
Looking forward to hosting you in one of the most charming and resourceful cities of Italy!
Thanks for reading.
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Ciao, alla prossima!

About the Author

I am an Italian sociologist, a researcher for passion and a storyteller by vocation. I’ve specialised myself in Anthroposociology of Gastronomy and culture of food and devoted the last 10 years in studying the way people eat, cook, live and travel.

In 2018 I co- founded my own business in Torino: ‘I EAT. Food Tours’, creating immersive gourmet itineraries and culinary vacations for curious palates and conscious travellers, through a multidisciplinary and creative approach.