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Event & Travel Planning | Something Uniquely Different, Just For You.

on January 1, 2020
Travel Planning to Italy. Tailor Made Itineraries, created Just for You.

Travel Planning to Italy. Tailor Made Itineraries, created Just for You.




We cannot figure out something more exciting than making your vision a reality…

There is nothing more powerful than bringing people together at the same time, in the same place, to share Meaningful Experiences.

Whether it’s for:

~Magical Italian Vacation

~Wedding Cerimonies

~Grand Opening

~End-of-Year Celebrations

~Bespoke Culinary Tours

~Unique Cooking Classes

or something completely different — we create Design Events that people remember.

Wowing you and your beloved ones it's among our primary missions.

Dreamful Events Designed with Love & Creatitivity. Let us make what’s just a fantasy a magic reality.


We are a team of brilliant, visionary and creative experts who work with a unique method and approach to create experiences with a profound emotional impact.

Basically, we use our body, mind, soul and heart… plus “That Something” that makes everything special.

Wedding Italy

We are multipassionate and sensitive people.

We got a sharp brain and we built a sort of Himalayn size knowledge over the years spent working in many areas such as:

~Travel & Hospitality;

~Tourism Management;

~Food & Beverage;

~Social Researches;

~Life & Travel Coaching;

~Holistic disciplines.

In Italy as much as in the North of Europe.

From a Planning point of view all these traits are pure gold as they allow us to design Unique Events which Simply are Unforgattable and leave a gentle mark on your heart.

If your porpose is standing out from the crowd and collecting marvellouse moments that matter,

you certainly need a Brave Squad of people who Dream Big, Love Hard and Work with Dedication.


Your Event is in good hands.

Unique Tastings. Multisensory Games. Golden Relax in a Royal Palace dates 1700. Contact us Now.

We are loooking forward to meeting tons of Soul Clients and creating for them – and with them – something so magical that gonna lasts for ever…

Are you ready to make unique memories on a warm and sparkling journey?

Let the Magic Begin Now.

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