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Artist Lights Festival, ATP Finals, Cioccola-Tò & Much More. November in Torino is Wonderful!

Luci d’Artista, ATP Finals, Cioccola-Tò and much more. November events in Turin.

Despite its always composed and elegant air, I usually say that Turin is characterized by a perpetual motion, by a ferment of its own.

Those who, like me, were born and raised here, in fact, know well that hers is only an apparent calm and that behind that logical rigour and that tangible composure, there is a beating heart that beats to the rhythm of art, culture, and innovation.

That said, November is coming and is about to light up a very rich and unmissable calendar of events, which will make the city an even more attractive and intriguing destination for tourists from all over the world. 

Here is the thriving calendar of events for November 2022:


Let’s start the roundup from the much loved Luci d’Artista, now in their 25th edition! From October 27 to January 8, every day starting at 6pm, the city will begin to glow with wonder. And then all with their noses upwards to fall in love with contemporary works of art set on medieval, baroque, Renaissance frames of the city center and beyond, to demonstrate that art is born to cancel borders and embrace, the Union, thus promoting relentless enrichment and enchantment.

In this regard, this year we are pleased to welcome three new works and artists that will certainly be able to win our hearts:

  • I was born here by Renato Leotta
    located at the roof of the Sant’Anna Obstetric Gynecological Hospital
  • AzzurroGiallo by Giorgio Griffa
    located in the Gardens of Piazza Cavour
  • …? by Grazia Toderi
    located in Piazza della Repubblica on the Dome of the Mauritian Basilica


As for the ones I’m personally most fond of, find below what are my favorites (not necessarily in the order I present them to you):


  1. We  –  Luigi STOISA  – via Garibaldi
  2. Kingdom of flowers: cosmic nest of all souls  –  Nicola DE MARIA  – piazza Carlina – Permanent work on an experimental basis
  3. The energy that unites expands into the blue  –  Marco GASTINI  – Galleria Umberto I – Permanent work
  4. Planetarium  –  Carmelo GIAMMELLO  – via Roma
  5. Little blue spirits  –  Rebecca HORN  – Monte dei Cappuccini – Permanent work (District 8)
  6. Culture = Capital  –  Alfredo JAAR  – piazza Carlo Alberto – Permanent work
  7. Luì and the art of going into the woods  –  Luigi MAINOLFI  – via Carlo Alberto
  8. The flight of numbers  –  Mario MERZ  – Mole Antonelliana – Permanent work
  9. Love makes no noise  –  Luca PANNOLI  – corso Cairoli, Murazzi del Po
  10. Palomar  –  Giulio PAOLINI  – via Po
  11. Loving the differences  –  Michelangelo PISTOLETTO  – piazza della Repubblica – Permanent work (District 7)

These works are poetry in light. I find the talent to transform a thought, a meaningful message, into a luminous story as amazing. Every year it is a feast for the eyes and a caress for the spirit to admire the words that float in the air without needing to be written.

This year, alas, we will have to give up the now iconic  Flying Carpet –  Daniel BUREN  – a work traditionally located in Piazza Palazzo di Città, currently being restored. Either way, it’s just goodbye 2023!

For those visiting Turin, most of the works are installed in the areas of the city heart, so you can enjoy them during your walk and, why not, create wonderful shots!

To find out where the other works are located, visit the website:

Photo credits: Valerio Minato

2. CIOCCOLA-Tò – 28 October / 6 November

Chocolate Turin 2022

Cioccola-To Turin 2022

Let’s now explore a different form of art… I’d say more edible.

The cradle of Italian and European chocolate, Turin, certainly could not miss a festival dedicated entirely to the nectar of the gods, to His Majesty Il Cioccolato!

Well yes, after two years of forced absence CIOCCOLA-Tò is back!

So for ten days you can pamper and spoil yourselves with the delights created to perfection by skilled and talented Master Artisans of Chocolate made in Piedmont. 

It will be a bit like saying “Chocolate 4 Breakfast … Lunch & Dinner”. After all, we know how versatile and eclectic the good Theobroma Cacao is. So not only sweet creations await you, but also savory culinary works, including those signed by well-known chefs. 

The setting chosen for the event is, as always, that in Via Roma and Piazza San Carlo.

What would you say: are you ready to taste the city one chocolate step at the time (I know, it sounds great …) and to discover bits of its variegated multiverse by participating in workshops, conferences and show cooking to introduce you to the magic of one of the foods not cib i most loved in the world? 

Just a small tip: if you are nearby, the program of November 1st is one of those that really deserve to be joined!

12:00 Piazza San Carlo – Casa Cioccolatò
The Cuisine of CioccolaTò
Chef Sara Rossotti Provincial Association of Mole Chefs
Risotto toma, nebbiolo and chocolate reduction, red fruit coulis and rosemary

(don’t know about you, but that risotto has already won me!)

3. SALVADOR DALì THE EXIBITION (12 November – 19 February)

Salvador Dalì in Turin.

The genius of surrealism in Turin. From 12 November to 19 February, Stupinigi Hunting Lodge.

For all the lovers of surrealism, like myself, the exhibition dedicated to the eclectic genius Salvador Dalì is something you shouldn’t miss out.

And so to dominate in the rooms of the wonderful Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi, there will be some of the most precious works of the master of surrealism. Among them are the glass and crystal masterpieces Ciclope (1968) Chitarra (1971)  but also bronzes such as Il Violino  (1966) and the two very precious Caducei (1981)   in 18-karat gold, silver and amethyst.

Unmissable  “La Danza del Tempo “(1979 – 1984) and” The nobility of Time “(1977 – 1984): transformation of geometric and physical-mathematical concepts into dancing matter, which intends to let the spectator enter the Dalinian very complex metaverse.

The exhibition will also introduce you to the soul of the illustrator Dalì, perhaps still unknown to many. In short, the histrionic Spanish artist and genius is a very welcome guest in the eclectic Turin. A combo not to be missed!

For info and tickets: http: //www.dali

4. NITTO ATP FINALS 2022 (13 – 20 November) 

Nitto ATP Finals. Turin 2022

NITTO ATP Finals. Turin 2022

Let’s take a break from art and enter the world of sport now. For the second consecutive year (and three more to come) the Pala Alpitur in Turin will host the ATP Finals.

The Piedmontese capital has already been host city of other sporting events of great international importance. First of all, the 2006 Winter Olympic Games. Furthermore, Turin is also the city that gave birth to two Serie A football teams, Juventus and Turin.

The first was also very popular overseas. 

For info and tickets, visit:



White of Alba. Truffle of excellence.

Truffle of Alba. International Fair 2022

Thecelebration of the diamond of the earth: the white of Alba is an excellence and pride of our territory. Every year, in the pretty Piedmontese town of Alba, about 70 kilometers from Turin, food explorers and truffle lovers arrive from all over to savour just a few grams of that sophisticated delicacy … and maybe even take a little piece home, to delight the palates of those in Piedmont has not yet been able to get get amazed by such great joy for the palate.

As you can imagine, I strongly suggest you to avoid a weekend visit (if possible, of course).

From my personal point of view, you could also think of participating in an exciting truffle hunting, guided by a skilled and friendly dog with special powers and the legendary trifolau, this is the name in Piedmontese dialect for the researcher of the Albese diamond.

In this way you would avoid situations of overtourism and you will experience a unique adventure  being totally immersed in the woods, in unspoiled beautiful nature, guided by the infallible nose of your exceptional guide who certainly will not make you go home empty-handed … or, better to say, empty stomach! As a matter of fact, these experiences always culminate with the celebration of the loot at the trifolau’s home.

 Here is where you can taste how the fabulous truffles you’ve just found pairs beautifully rasped on some excellent homemade tajarin (fresh egg pasta typical of Piedmont) or on any other dish the hostess of the hous has decided to offer you. Yes, because you know the truffle is like black colour : it goes well with everything… even with tiramisu! Seeing is believing.

PS: Write me if you need any suggestions on this, I will be happy to help you.

6. TORINO FILM FESTIVAL (25 November – 3 December)

Turin Cinema Museum and Turin Film Festival 2022

Torino Film Festival turns 40!

Last not least, here is another cornerstone of one of the most loved events in the Piedmontese capital.

Perhaps not everyone knows yet, but Turin, was a pioneer of Italian international cinema before Rome.

The city boasts an extraordinary cinema museum, famous for the richness and peculiarity of the precious exhibition heritage. The National Museum of Italian Cinema is located in an equally extraordinary monument, which is the symbol of the city itself: La Mole Antonelliana. 

Two authentic jewels mixed together for an experience that I recommend you to not miss out.

Well, the Torino Film Festival, directed by Steve dalla Cava, this year celebrates a special birthday. If you want to come and wish him well, he will soon blow out 40 candles!

(Btw, how many icons do you recognize in the stylized logo proposed for this next edition of the film festival?).

For the complete program, I invite you to visit the site

Well my dear blog readers, if you are looking for some extra spicy activities to join, if you are curious to know Turin through an accurate and interesting selection of the food that best represents its history, culture and identity, both me and chef Abram would be very happy to have you as our guests in one of the food experiences designed to celebrate our beloved city and give you a multi-layered image of this wonderful lady of many faces. All beautiful … and delicious!

Food Tours Turin

Food Tours Turin. I EAT Food Tours and Events


To find out more

In the meantime, thank you for passing by and for reading till the end.

Any questions, curiosities or requests? Do not hesitate to write to me! 

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