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Coach in The Kitchen. Minimum Effort, Maximum Result!

a man standing in front of a door

Minimum Effort, Maximum Result!

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

What’s your biggest issue when cooking?

Is that you have not so much time? (quite sure the one problem that just about everyone has is time. You have to find the time to cook…).

Is that you have not so many ideas and you always propose the same foods and menus?


a woman standing in front of a refrigerator

Cooking Coaching. Say goodbye to the old days where you had no clue of what’s for dinner!

Perhaps is that you need to organize your kitchen space in a more efficient way & and to have the right equipment?

a room filled with furniture and a book shelf

Learn how to create a well organised and more efficient working space is a key rule in the kitchen.

Or it’s just that cooking is definetely not your biggest passion, yet you love eating and preparing nice meals for yourself and your family?

Whether is the problem (s) you are facing right now, it will wip away with a wet sponge…

Wondering how? Well, it’s simple, because you’ve just found your Multifunctional Coach in the Kitchen!


Chef Abram,

your Multifunctional Coach in the Kitchen

a kitchen with a table in a restaurant

Chef Abram, your coach in the kitchen

No, it’s not the newest Kitchen Aid or a sort of Robot. Chef Abram is real, yet virtual.

I mean, he can travel everywhere in the world and offer his talent, creativity and expertise to those who’d like to improve their kitchen skills… virtually! 

He is a Dutch Michelin Star Restaurant Chef & Food Consultant, now based in the gorgeous country of the Dolce Vita.

In 2017 he founded with his wife Cecilia, i.e. me, his Culinary Events & Travel Company – I EAT. Food Tours & Event Planning – and in recent times he has expanded his online services by offering:

Virtual Cooking Classes  & Online Cooking Parties/Corporate Events.

a screen shot of a computer

Virtual Corporate Event for Adobe Inc

Moreover, as a Food Consultant, he has created a unique Food Concept for a group of Italian enterpreneurs, that will be launched in Miami next summer (hopefully, considering the current circumstances…)

Chef Abram is passionate about cooking and making sensory experiments in the kitchen since for ever, he build an oversize knowledge in everything that is connected with the gastronomic field and he is a very friendly and fun entertainer.

Especially when it comes to cook and teach, he really is a natural.

He taugh how to cook amazing dishes to people who admitted they didn’t even know how to  boil water…He really can make of you a Super Pro: try him!

What you are going to learn from your

Coach in the Kitchen

a person cooking in a kitchen preparing food

The follow are just some ideas about what areas your Cooking Coaching Sessions can cover for you.

Of course, the sessions of coaching are always and entirely personalized according to your needs.

~1. All you need to know kitchen equipment & the best way to organize your cooking space, fridge & pantry;

~ 2. The power of a delicious and healthy Breakfast;

~ 3. The power of left overs!

~ 4. Eggs & Milk: the many things you can make in the kitchen by using these key ingredients;

~ 5. Soups: cold, warm, savoury, sweet…

~ 6. Menu Planning and Gorgeous recipes in about 30 minutes

~ 7.Menu Gourmet 4 everybody

~ 8. The huge world of vegetarian recipes & how to integrate more veggies in your diet

~ 9. The secrets to let your kids fall in love with veggies

~ 10. ABC. What you need to know to throw an epic party (no stress, just fun)

~ 11. Inventive Appetizers & Fast and Easy Dessert


How does it work

Chef Abram will be connected with you via Zoom.

His multi cameras system allows you to feel like you are cooking next to him and allows him to check over you while you move your steps in the kichen, especially.

Before creating your personalized coaching program, the chef calls you and he attempts to take stock of the situation.

It’s important for him to understand what’s your skill level and what are the goals you want to achieve through the coaching.

Once everything is well defined  for both of you, Chef Abram will design your fully customised session (or sessions, if you’ll need more than one)

You will receive an outline prior the lesson and an accurately made pdf document that explains you the most significant steps of your cooking coaching session, the method of the recipes you are going to create with the Chef and his best Tips&Tricks when cooking.

Ready to embrace your apron and cook like a pro?

a man sitting at a table with lettuce

Basil: what a splendid herb!

a table full of food

Virtual Cooking Brunch Party

a bottle of wine and a glass of beer on a table

Learn how to make the most delicious Soups with chef Abram

a kitchen with a table in a room

Virtual Cooking Coaching with Chef Abram

a plate of food on a table

Flavorful dishes at your table with Chef Abram’s Cooking Classes.

a person sitting at a table with a plate of food

a plate of food

Making Fish & Sea Food. Cooking Lessons.

a plate of food on a table

Make it beautiful & delicious. Virtual Cooking Sessions.

a close up of food on a table

Cooking Coaching. How to make mesmerizing and inventive starters.

Handmade pasta typical from the Piedmont region in Italy. Pasta master class with Chef Abram.

a pile of food on a table

Pasta Master Class

a bowl of food on a table

Pasta Master Class with Chef Abram

Risotto Master Class

Kevin Honeycutt holding a wine glass

You cannot miss Chef Abram’s A-we-some soups… you really can’t 😉

a tripod with a bicycle

Virtual Cooking Sessions & Coaching. Live from Italy

a man sitting at a table in a restaurant

Virtual Cooking Class & Coaching with Chef Abram

If you are ready for this fun, interactive, effective and exquisite culinary coaching adventure lead by a Stellar Chef & Coach, contact Chef Abram now and schedule your free zoom call to find out how he can help you.

a person sitting at a table with food

Chef Abram, your Coach in the Kitchen

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions: we are happy to help 🙂

[email protected]

or [email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes from Italy,

Chef Abram & Cecilia

© All right reserved I Eat. Food Tours & Event Planner.

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