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Personal Travel Planning & Coaching with Cecilia | For Transformation Seeking Travelers

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You have the power to change your life.

Here and now.

If you are looking for creating impactful changes in your existence and your desire is to be the conscious driver of your great Life Journey, wake up.

Leave your comfort zone.

Embrace a new adventure… and travel to get in touch with your truth, your divine gifts… your Divine You!


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Life is the most miraculous and mysterious journey that can exist. Every trip is a wonderful gift and opportunity of personal growth.

Traveling always helps you to incorporate new powerful energies, to be positively contaminated by local people and vibes

By different cultures, habits and lifestyles.

It is furthermore the moment where we leave our comfort zone to embrace the unknown. That means our mind and our heart are open to reach new level of consciousness and enchantment

If your goal is to make a life changing experience and to get some powerful, soulful and heartful support, here I am!

I would be honoured to be your personal travel planne r and to do everything in my power to prepare you mentally, emotionally, and even physically for your trip.

By using a creative and holistic perspective, I will design for you – and with you – an inspiring, unique life enriching travel experience, accordingly with your goals.

Healing and transformation will start before your travel, at the pre-departure coaching phase already.

The pre-departure coaching is the phase where you and I will set up your purpose (s) and what you expect from your coming trip.

Toghether with me you will also discuss the more effective strategies for making the most of your time on the road.

Once you’ll be back home, I will assist you with a successful Action Plan.


It’s very simple.

You decide where you want to go in Italy, or you let me suggest you what places are the most ideal for reaching tyour goals. I will support you before your departure, during your adventure, and once you are back home.

According to your travel preferences, style, budget and wishes, as your personal life and travel coach I’ll support you creating a meaningful travel that is a wonderful experience of internal fulfillment and a beautiful refreshing for your soul.

If you want to go for it, contact me now and let’s start doing some magic togheter.

Let’s create The Travel Of Your Life!

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“A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder (where) fabulous forces are encountered and a decisive victory is won; the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.” (J. Campbell – The Hero’s Journey). 


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My name is Cecilia.

I am an Italian sociologist expert in Travel & Event Management, a Life Coach and the Founder of I EAT. Food Tours and event planning.

But I am first and foremost a creative spirit, a life long learner – continually exploring new transformational tools – and a multi passionate woman.  A soulful human being on a mission. A person driven by purpose.

What’s my purpose?

Well, very basically put, my mission is all about bringing joy to those who need itTo those who need someone like me to put their soul on fire. To manifest a powerful inner transformation and to become the hero of their life’s journey.

Walk where your Heart leads You.

Life is a Journey filled with unexpected Miracles…

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A green room of one’s own – My Visionary Travel Planning for you


I graduateed in Sociology and Social Research at the University of Turin (Northern Italy) and I become a specialist in work related stress, prevention, interventions and psychosocial risk management.

I’ve been working for many years as an independent researcher in partnership with the University of Study of Turin and Rome to increase and create new scientific litterature developing empirical researches on the theme of work related stress and managing (a part of which as also been pubblished

Then I became a freelance consultant, coach and trainer specialist for Fiat FCA, leading company in the sector of automotive, where I joined the Joint OPHS Technical Body (OPHS: Organismo Paritetico Health and Safety) as a chief of work related stress division

In short term, my job at the time consisted of :

  • Preventing and managing work-related stress and build best practice Guidelines for managers and employees;
  • Raising awarness and educating managers and employees on the causes and consequences of work related stress;
  • Develop a power training for managers and employees aimed to combact work related stress by changing elements in the way work is organized and managed and by developing individual skills in stress management through training;
  • Assist managers with 1:1 Coaching Session, mantaining work-life balance and re-styling their job career, eventually.

The beautiful and successful stories of people who could change their lives after talking to me and joining me on a coaching customised program- people who I was able to inspire and lift up- helped me to become more and more confident about the powerful impact I had on my clients.

That was the moment where  I realized that being a coach was part of my life’s mission.

But there was more.

In 2014, slowly by slowly, it began to take shape a new interest.

An interesting fact that I had observed during my coaching sessions (from 2014 to 2016) was that the 68% of 1managers loved to join cooking classes, traveling, and cooking in the weekend (mostly baking) to release stress.

(1 On a sample of 5650 managers, between the ages of 28 and 53. 63% males and 37% females).

This was for me the dawn of a new beginning…


~The launch of my own Business ~

After almost 10 years spent tin this field, and since my background includes a different set of interests, I decided to built expertise in the area of Tourism & Event Management and Gastronomy. Additionally, I love writing and telling stories and food itself is a genuine story always fascinated to write and listen to.

a stack of flyers on a table

Get to know me just a little: I adore mini colorful cupcakes (these ones I made by myself), pastel color pens, joyous notes & diaries and cute angel sculptures (can you see the crystal ball with a petit angel inside?).

And so I put my choaching job aside just for a while to make a new project bloom.

My interest in the place of food in the society brought me to investigate the ritual, symbolic, communicational, aggregative, spiritual and cultural aspect of food in the modern society. 

I was furthermore interested to analyze the motivation for traveling, which I discovered to be more and more related to the individual’s long-term socio-psychological needs and life-plans these days; intrinsic motives such as self-actualization seem to be particularly important.

My studies and researches have given rise to I Eat. Food Tours & Travel Planning, which I founded in 2017 togheter with a brilliant chef and a soulful entrepreneurial mind, who happen to be also my husband: Chef Abram.

a couple of people posing for the camera

With my beautiful, big hearted and talented husband, Chef Abram 🙂


~ Or So ~

When I founded I Eat I made the choice to connect my talents, expertise, personality and knowledge  to my mission of bringing joy in other people’s lives…

a person sitting on a bench

I’m coming to you with a lovely basket plenty of surprises, goodies and magic!

Without forgetting my plan to connect my expertise as a coach in the company, when the time was right.

The immense potential gastronomy of tourism has to offer helped me to generate the follow as the referent point for my new concept company:

in fact, linking gastronomy and tourism provides a platform to promote the cultures through their cuisines and it also helps to promote sustainable tourism through preserving valuable cultural heritage, empowering and nurturing pride amongst communities, and enhancing intercultural understanding.

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Celebrating life surrounded by unique and magical atmospheare… Contact me for your out ofthis world event and travel

By choosing to join a food tour, a cooking class, a dining experience… or to have designed a travel plan, a certain kind of tourist (more conscious) is able to embrace a better sense of local values and traditions.

To enrich his experience and feel a deeper connection with local people and places.


So I started to design joyful and not conventional gastronomic experiences in the gorgeous city of Turin lead by passionate local experts (Abram and I, in the present case. Plus local super star guides) where soul and purpose were both present in equal part, along with many other ingredients, of course.

Such as Love and Desire to share significant moments that matters with people from across the world.

I found myself ready to improve my service before I know it and so, as a result of numerous inquires, I launched Event & Travel Planning Services with the chanche to add a special coaching program linked to your travel and created ad hoc for you to achieve your goals.

a group of people sitting at a table with an umbrella

Golden memories of a super sonic 100% female group from Deloiette L.A, for whom I designed 12 magical days holiday in Italy


a tree in front of a building

Secret gems of Holland. This accomodation made me dream a lot when I was there in 2015 for the first time. The area which surrounds this luxury B&B is just Pure Magic. This place is certainly worth to visit if you’d like to explore the Netherlands going off the beaten path.


a large brick building with a clock on the side of a road

A beautiful slice of Torino, the Italian city where I live and I started up my company. Took this picture while I was waiting for some very special guests… This tiny square is the starting point of one of our gourmet adventures.


a group of people standing in front of a cake

Mother & Daughter Tailor Made Birthday Party.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter where you come from, you will always feel home with me. 

When people decide to join our food tours, to choose us to create their memorable event or to plan with me their one of a life time travel it’s because they feel -yes, feel- they’re going to get an out of this world fantastic service with a completely unique offering.

Very basically,they feel love(d).

a group of people standing in front of a crowd

Tailor Made Event for Mentors and students from  US & Taiwan. European Innovation Accademy 2019

They feel our activities are there to serve an higher purpose.

That’s why I am used to say that our clients are not just clients but soul clients:

big hearted people who are on a mission to create – each in his own way – a positive change in the world.

Same as me, same as us.

We’re proud to have choosen YourVibe YourTribe® as the core of our brand identity (YourVibe YourTribe® is now our registrated trade mark in the US).

You always attract who you are, after all: I am love and I attract love.

You are the same. That’s why you are here, reading these words…



The last three years allowed me to collect important information and facts.

The 280% of my customers (mostly from California and US) use to travel to enrich and fulfill their lives.

(2On a sample of 3000 travelers, aged between 27 and 78.  53% females, 47% males).


That’s why I decided to use my coaching experience and knowledge, my extensive skills and my love for discovering new cultures and traveling to help conscious people to plan life changing trips and to achieve personal goals from their travels.

a laptop computer sitting on top of a table

Travel Planning & Coaching for Transformation Seeking Travelers. PS: Get to know me a little, II Act: love catties, cups and Marilyn Monroe 🙂

I would love to accompany you through one of the most important journey of your life: the one inside you.

To establish your motivations, research destinations and design activities to attain your goals.

I am honoured to share with you my gifts (we all have be given divine gifts), special skills and expertise in areas such as personal development and creative life’s journeys.


Have you ever tried the Sicilian wine called “Thalia”? There’s such an interesting story to discover about this wine. How about an inspirational and gourmet travel to the charming Sicilian island? 🙂

I believe everybody is here to fulfill a mission, one of which is give birth to the best version of who we are.


a close up of a cat looking at the camera

As your coach I can help you to align your mind and energies with who you desire to become.

To reach your highest potential, re think your priorities and unlock your self expression for connecting yourself with the brightest star who lives within you.

We can do lots of magic togheter and we can do it through your next transformational travel.

Yes, I can create with you a soulful travel connecting your inner magic with the magic of the places you’re going to discover, your uniqueness with the wonders around the world.

a person sitting next to a river

But I can also support you if your are looking for a job relocation, if you’re living a difficult phase of your life due to the loss of a loved one, or for the end of a relationship.

In the past ten years I have invested not just in my education but also in my personal growth, transforming myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually and I’ve built an himalayan stock of skills that I can’t wait to share with you.

I am a self confessed spiritual junkie with a deep holistic and creative approach to life, relations and work.

My list of mentors and sources of inspirations includes: Doctor Wayne Dyer, Therapist Marisa Peer,  writers Alejandro Jodorowsky and Igor Sibaldi, Professor Carlo Petrini , Philosoper Giordano Bruno, and many more.

I have actually to confess you that enjoying little things has been a great source of inspiration since for ever for me 🙂

a vase of flowers on a table

Enjoy the little things: that’s probably one of my gratest source of inspiration since for ever…


(Don’t be late)

My coaching is the perfect reflection of the best parts of me: it’s visionary, cre-active, soulful, healing, holistic, supportive and encouraging.

I can help you travelling inside you without fear, to receive the most from your trip and achieve the self actualization that you expect from your next travel experience.

I am the one who can help you manifesting the life of your dream.

Why? Cause I am daily manifesting mine… and ‘cause a dream is not a fantasy and you can turn it into reality.

a glass bottle sitting on a table


You might need a Virtual Assistent who is able to help you out with some special advise about your travel destination, a visionary and creative travel & events specialist able to add “that something” to make magical your next discovery around the world or your coming celebration.

I also can do that! Actually is what I have been doing since three years now. I definitely love it and my soul clients likewise.

Read more here

We received many awards for the quality and originality of our services and the most recent is the recognizement as TripAdvisor Best Traveler’s Choice 2020.

I would love to talk to you and see what we can do togheter.

Feel free to write me a mail, the next step will be schedule a 50 minutes free travel coaching session via Zoom or Skype to get to know each other a little better and see how we can do some magic togheter.

Time is now!

Hope to hear from You soon.



Expert in Universal Love and Transformative Life’s Journeys.