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EPICUREAN with Chef Abram. The latest food format design by I EAT Food Tours and Events

EPICUREAN: Introducing you the latest food format designed by I EAT Food Tours and Events.

One table only.

Exclusive. Eclectic. Epicurean: this is your exclusive private event with Chef Abram and Cecilia.

Cooking the unrepeatable, celebrating the moment together. Hearing colours, tasting shapes. Thinking different, eating different.

EPICUREAN has been designed for discerning gastronauts, curious palates seeking for literally sensational intimate experiences characterised by a strong emotional component.

As a matter of fact, pople are increasingly looking for buying a night out, like the great Master Chef  Marco Pierre White says. Food is one of the crucial elements of the evening, for sure. But what really makes the difference is how you make people feel. How you are capable to inspire them in every possible way.

Private dining Torino. Your exclusive event with chef Abram.

Private dining Torino. Your exclusive event with chef Abram

Well, Chef Abram and myself are in the business of selling joy, fun, entertainment … Very basically put, we sell the immaterial, we sell emotions first and we go through food to accomplish this mission.

For that reason we’ve created an eating and sensory design concept where the attendees are both spectators and authors to the culinary artwork. Where equal parts hospitality, food style and a generous portion of thoughtful and joyful entertainment aim to give you an experience that is one of a kind.

Food is a living creature. And we are going to let it express itself to the fullest…

Your plate, your canva. Recipes by Chef Abram

Your plate, your canva. Veggies recipe by Chef Abram

Are you ready to be surprised?

a person sitting at a table with a plate of food


  • Exclusive Food Experience with a private star chef
  • Exceptional Guest Service
  • Unique locations with different vibes located right in the heart of Torino or in the countryside
  • 8 courses Unconventional Menu. Interactive, Multi Sensory.
  • Contemporary Cuisine with regional influence centred on locally grown  and top notch ingredients
  • Award winning Piedmontese wines (4 wine pairings)
  • Love, passion and skill working together to create your unforgattable experience



You are a curious palate, a not linear thinker, a person who’s open to new perspectives and likes to be amazed by emotionally impactful experiences that make the ordinary extraordinary. Yes, because we are always seeking for that EXTRA without always be conscious that the EXTRA which often lies in the most simple and therefore special things.




If this short introduction about what EPICUREAN is, or would love to be, has intrigued you, we warmly recommend you to immerse yourself in the story and be part of the magic.

Let’s write your next surprising and inspirational event together. EPICUREAN is mobile! If you have a location in which you’d love to host this exclusive experience, that would be possible!

As EPICUREAN is nourished by creative ideas and thoughtful insights, we love to hear from you if there’s any theme or special plan you would like to make it happen on your special evening.

a group of people sitting at a table

We are looking forward to creating epicurean enchantment with food explorers and epicureans from all over the world!

See you soon in Italy,


About the author

I am a food socio-anthropologist. Creator of gastronomic experiences, events and gourmet travels that reflect my multilayered background (in social sciences, travel and hospitality, gastrosophy) and my many interests. But first and foremost I am a multi potential woman, a sensitive and creative out of the box thinker with a certain aptitude (mission, perhaps?) for making people happy 🙂

Quoting myself, I use to say that I am something defined, yet never definitive.