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Exploring Turin’s Sweet Side: a Unique Experience for Ontario’s Young Rugby Players

Exploring Torino’s Sweet Side: A Unique Experience for Ontario’s Young Rugby Players

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A Unique Experience Crafted by I EAT Food Tours for the Ontario’s Young Rugby Players

Our company recently had the pleasure of hosting 33 young and enthusiastic rugby players coming to Torino from Ontario.

Choosing our heartfelt activities for their journey into the sweet and chocolate flavors of Torino, these athletes embarked on a personalized experience that transcended the ordinary.

A Personalized Journey

As the choco-fairy of their magical adventure, (yes, I love wearing many hats and one of those is certainly the Cotton Candy Sugary (or choco) Fairy) I meticulously crafted an experience that went beyond the traditional tourist trail.

Our journey was not just about tasting chocolates but weaving a narrative around each flavor.

Each chocolate became a chapter, and every taste was a page in a story that unfolded in the vibrant city of Torino.

Stay with me for more…

Meaningful Metaphors and Motivational Storytelling

Embracing the spirit of camaraderie and the pursuit of excellence that defines rugby, I infused the experience with meaningful metaphors and motivational storytelling.

Connecting the sweet indulgence with their mission to give their best on the playground, I aimed to inspire them on a deeper level.

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These young athletes are girls between 15 and 17 yo, so I replace myself in their shoes (never been an athlete but surely been a teenager!) and I tried to generate value through a delicious and educational adventure that wanted to be meaningful, first of all. And memorable, too!

Discover what I’ve prepared for my Canadian Lionesses!

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Spotting Lions in Turin, with the Lionesses from Canada Rugby!

An Educational and Informative Adventure

Beyond the sensory delights, the experience was an educational and informative journey. It was not just about savoring chocolates but understanding the craftsmanship behind each piece. The parallels drawn between the dedication required in sports and the meticulous artistry of chocolatiers resonated with the young athletes.

Although if I didn’t dust with magical tales our experience together, I am quite sure it wouldn’t had the same emotional impact.

I strongly believe that  emotion is a crucial component that allows contents to be better assimilated.

Regardless the age of your audience, we should always and genuinely feed them with positive, creative and inspirational emotions. That was exactly what I tried to transfer to “my girls” (felt a bit as their coach too :D).

A Creative Touch

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Captivating Tales of Chocolate and other Goodies

Adding a creative flair to the tour, I incorporated elements that resonated with their mission. Whether it was the origin of our local hazelnut chocolate – or a confectionery metaphor for teamwork- creativity flowed seamlessly throughout the tour.

Speaking of which, let me offer you a “bite” of my tailored storytelling, that I’ve prepared just for them…

Crafting the Gianduiotto: A Tale of Resilience and Creativity

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Turin and the iconic Gianduiotto Torinese

Allow me to share the incipit of the tale I wrote for my Wonder Girls Rugby Players of how this iconic chocolate delicacy from Piedmont came to be a story spun with metaphor and inspiration.

SIP BY SIP – A CHOCOLATE TALE by Cecilia. AKA Lia, The Choco-Sugar Fairy

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Turin Sweet and Chocolate

“Once upon a time, in the enchanting city of Turin, there was a magical tradition that surrounded a delightful treat known as gianduiotto.

The story began on a crisp winter’s day when the snow-covered streets sparkled under the soft glow of streetlights. In the heart of Turin, a cozy chocolate house named “Cioccolateria Magica” was renowned for its extraordinary hot chocolate and the legendary gianduiotto.


Our story unfolds as a group of young teenagers coming from afar, curious and excited, entered Cioccolateria Magica.

The aroma of rich cocoa filled the air as the friends, eager to experience the magic of Turin’s famous treat, started sipping their hot chocolate.
The warmth enveloped them like a conforting embrace.


The barista, a wise and friendly figure named Nonna Anna, approached the girls.


With a twinkle in her eye, she began to share the story of gianduiotto…

Well, without sharing the entire tale, what I am intetested to share with you is more the type of approach that I adapted to this experience.

In fact, with my tale, I wove a metaphorical narrative, envisioning how a situation of scarcity, a challenge, turned into an opportunity to craft something truly unique.

Much like the Gianduiotto, life’s most profound sweetness emerges from the delicate blend of resilience and creativity. That was the moral of the tale.

Local Insight from a Tourist Guide

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To provide a holistic experience, Ardena, a tourist guide from Torino, hired specifically for this occasion, offered an introduction to the city. This insight added a layer of depth to their exploration, connecting them to Torino’s rich history and culture.

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The Grand Finale

To mark the end of their adventure, I gift the team with a special travel diary, filled with my personalized wishes for their upcoming adventures, both in life and on the playground.

The diaries served as a tangible reminder of their time in Torino and hopefully of me, too 🙂

Diary Heart

“May you turn challenges into opportunities, creating a masterpiece on the rugby field. May your victories be as sweet as hot chocolate on a winter’s day, and may the camaraderie among teammates be the hazelnut-rich essence that makes every triumph even more satisfying.
Thanks for joining me in Turin”.

Departure with Fulfillment

As the young rugby players bid farewell, their departure echoed with fulfillment, happiness, and enrichment. The heartfelt appreciation messages received from two of their coaches served as a confirmation that our tailored experience had left a lasting impact and there’s anything that could make me happier!

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Appreciation Message from David McCully. Adam Scott Lions Coach – Ontario, Canada


Happy Customers, Happy us

Let us personalise your event

In conclusion, we invite you to let us personalize your event, whether it be a company outing, a school trip, or a leisurely exploration.

Our holistic, multidisciplinary and creative approach ensures that your experience goes beyond the expected, leaving you with memories that resonate on a deeper level.

Choose us, and let your journey be a scrumptious blend of storytelling, motivation, and the unique flavors of Torino.

One more thing:

As you embark on your own journey, may you savor the profound sweetness that arises from the blend of resilience and creativity, much like the timeless Gianduiotto of Torino.

Thanks again to the Adam Scott Lions for choosing I EAT Food Tours in Turin!


The Choco-Sugary Fairy from Torino 😉

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