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I Eat.Food Tours & Events | Meet the Co-Founders

I Eat. Food Tours & Events. Meet the co-founders

I EAT. Food Tours & Events. Cooking Classes, Culinary Vacation, Travel Planning.

Hello, everyone!

For those who have just came across our website, this is a fresh introduction about who we are.


Cecilia Puca

Personal Travel Planning Piemonte

Meet Cecilia, your Event and Travel Planner in Piedmont, Italy.

Italian sociologist- specialized in sociology of tourism. Culinary tourism strategist. Creator of experiences, travel planner, gastro lover.

Cecilia's travel planning

Creamy Cappuccino + Fragrant Croissant is one of my favourite combos: what’s yours?

Torino Patisserie Tour

Cuddles’ Time. What’s the flavour of your cuddles? 🙂

Market and Food Tour Torino

Perhaps my favourite flower: zucchini flower!

Best Food Tour Turin


Eventi a Torino

But first and foremost: multipassionate, sensitive and vibrant woman with a certain aptitude for making people happy-  and a holistic n creative approch to life and business.

Food Tours, Shopping Tours, Weekend a Torino

Culinary Tours in Turin. With two adorable guests from Belgium.

Torino Food Tours

Telling food stories to my guests from the US, Island and Norway: what a group!

Truffles, Sunflowers and a splendid couple of guests from Malta

Truffles, Sunflowers and a splendid couple of guests from Malta

United States + Canada + India

United States + Canada + India: we all are One

December 7th 2018, discovering Turin one bite at the time with my special guest from Paris. The muse of Jean- Paul Gaultier: Michelle Rimbault.

Colorful and delicious pastries make me smile 🙂

a woman posing in front of a flower

A sweet heart from Boston, me and our delicate flowers.

Another super group: Australia+UK+US+France

Another super group: Australia+ UK + US +France

Best Good Tours Torino

Traditional Piedmontese food in a cozy trattoria

Corporate Events Piemonte. I Eat Food Tours & Events

Corporate Events designed by I Eat Food Tours & Events

a woman posing for a picture a group of people sitting at a table in front of a window a person standing in front of a window



Currently working on ‘Your personal travel planning service’ – searching and selecting new astonishing Italian locations & destinations, soulful activities for you to join & lots of heroes n heroines who run them. Also the best spots to eat, obviously!😉

Travel Planning and Culinary Vacation in Piedmont

Travel Planner. Designing the ultimate gourmet escape for you

a man standing in front of a building

Searching for astonishing location to amaze you…


Looking for wanders to delight your soul…

a large green field with trees in the background

Revitalizing Destinations selected for your splendid holiday time in Piedmont

a close up of a tree

I hold a lot of boxes (AKA wear many heats) as the Co-Founder of I EAT Food Tours & Events.

I am personally involved in designing each client’s travel experience, every social media post and I also create contents both for the website and the blog connected to it.

Travel Planning Piedmont

Travel Planning. Trip for wanderers designed by Cecilia

Cecilia's Events and Travel Planning, Piedmont

Don’t worry. Be Happy. Stress Free Vacation, Total Satisfation♡

But it doesn’t stop here.

As a matter of fact, I craft all the experience we are offering (food tours, cooking classes, team building, shopping tours, private events) together with Chef Abram, who’s my partner both in life and in business.

We have got different backgrounds- Abram and I. Though what links us is certainly the same passion for meeting people from across the world and creating for them something they will treasure for a long time, perhaps for ever, using a special connector called ‘food’.

Last but not least, I also happily run myself the Tours (and so does Abram). Asking for some help when necessary to some amazing and passionate local food stars.

What’s awesome about it is that I love every part of it!

Dining in the vineyard in Piedmont

Personal Travel Planning Service in Italy

Cecilia, your personal travel planner

Open your arms to magic! One of the most charming places of Piedmont: La Reggia di Venaria

a person sitting at a table with a plate of food

Eventi a Torino

Hosting the launch of a food product in Turin, Italy.

Travel has always been connected to greater happiness, emphaty and creativity. Very basically put, that’s why I adore being a personal travel planner!

Look very much forward to hearing from you to elevate your coming travel experience and make it shine bright like a diamond.

It’s now time to introduce you to…

Abram Stringa

a man sitting at a table with wine glasses

Professional Dutch chef from Utrecht, living in Turin. Culinary coach, food consultant and concept designer.

Michelin Star trained chef

Private Chef. Treat yourself with an esclusive, unique and gourmet experience.

Fine Dining with a private chef. Chef Abram is available in Piedmont. Though you can book him for your special event anywhere in Italy and Europe.

a man sitting at a table with a plate of food

Chef Abram. Private Chef, Food Concept Designer, Culinary coach. Based in Turin, Piedmont, Italy. Available for events abroad.

Del Cambio. Michelin Starred Restaurant Chef

Michelin Starred Trained Chef. 25 years of experience in the finest and Starred Restaurants of Benelux and Northern Italy.

a man cooking food on a table a man sitting at a table with a plate of food a man looking at the camera a person sitting at a table with food

But first and foremost: life enthusiast, energetic man with a certain aptitude for challenges and a huge passion for Italy.

a man taking a selfie

Currently working on the launch of a new international food format for an Italian enterpreneur.

Plus, offering his knowledge and experience as food consultant for restaurants, hotel restaurants and professionals who aim to create their own food concept.

Designing cookery classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, organizing private Fine Dinings and Luxury food events for both companies and private.

a man cutting food on a table

Fine Dining and Luxury Events for companies and private. Turin, Piedmont, Italy.

a man cooking in a kitchen preparing food

Cooking Classes in Turin with Chef Abram.

a person cooking in a kitchen preparing food

a book sitting on top of a table

Private Cooking Classes, Dining, Events. Turin, Piedmont- Italy

a group of people standing around a table a room with many items on the table


•Culinary Vacation & Bespoke Food Tours

•Event Design

•Corporate Events

•Personal Travel Planning to Italy designed by Cecilia (specialized in Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardia, Lazio, Campania, Sicily)

•Cooking Classes & Courses (virtual and in-person)

•Food Consultancy

•Micro Wedding Arrangements in Piedmont


1.Celebrate life and connect people & cultures through food n unique places full of heart and passion.

2. Create meaningful experiences with a profound emotional impact.

3. Treasure uncountless moments of sharing and happiness.



The 3 E’S of our Experiences




Torino food tours, cooking classes, events

I EAT. Food Tours & Events

a group of people sitting at a table with a cake












In gastronomy – and much else- we believe. Gastronomy is inclusive. It knows no nationality, genre or caste. It’s capable to highlight the single identities though promoting community and unity.


If what we have saied so far resonates with you, you should probably choose us for your special event, experience or travel planning to Italy 😊

Are you ready to cook up some magic together?

Cecilia & Chef Abram. I Eat Food Tours & Events

I Eat Food Tours & Events. Cecilia + chef Abram

Can’t wait to meet you!

Sending you love from Italy,

Cecilia & Chef Abram


Content: by Cecilia

Pictures: by Cecilia & Abram

©All rights reserved

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