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Celebrate Love with a Digital Cooking Class | Live from Italy

a close up of a plate on a table

Celebrate love everyday… and maybe a little bit more on February.

The most romantic month of the year has come and it’ s all about hearts, chocolate treats and special dinners.

When we think of February we usually focus on Valentine’s day.

But you know what? If there’s one thing we love celebrating is love itself.

And so we believe Valentine’s is not just for couples. It’s about love – for family, friends and self.  Don’t you agree with us?

This year we won’t give up on celebration and, despite the circumstances, we will still have our unique, epic and deliciously gorgeous event infused with love and goddness.

Same as we did for Christmas and the New Years Eve, that we both had the pleasure to celebrate with awesome people from across the world, virtually  (check our Instagram and Facebook pages to if you’d like to see some photos plenty of delicious  happiness) we have launched two special Valentine’s Cooking Events ready to highlight your love through the preparation of some ecstatic Italian food.

Curious to discover more of what’s in the air (sure, love is in the air -at first :)?

Please check out the proposals that  Mr Romance, aka Chef Abram, has created for you and your beloved ones.

Note that menu can be fully customised according to your wishes and dietary restrictions, if there are any.

One last thing: February is running full. Contact us to verify the availability and to plan an Exclusive Private Event, just for you and your significant other or with your group of friends and family.

Would you like to join a Public Class? That would also be possible!

Drop us a mail and find out what are the options for you

As for Valentine’s day and the days closest to 14th, the following is the availability we still have:

~ February 13th: 10 am CET; 4 pm CET; 

~ February 14th: 10 am CET; 4 pm CET;

~ February 15th: 1o am CET; 4 pm CET; 8.30 pm CET


Please, don’t forget that love doesn’t need a specific date to be celebrated and so any day is a good one to plan an extraordinary and surprising Virtual Cooking Event led by a Top Chef, live from the coutry of Amore.

And now, here we go with Chef Abram’s Love Menus.



Eggplant Parmigiana Gourmet ~

a close up of a plate of food

Virtual Cooking Class. Valentine’s Gift

Oh… yes! That’s surely the best starter for your special dinner. Let Chef Abram surprise you with a volcanic and super delicious gourmet version of one of the most loved Italian dishes: the iconic Eggplant Parmigiana!


Italian Style Spaghetti & Meatballs ~

a bowl of food on a plate

Digital Cooking Class, live from Italy

Oh, my! These Italian Style Spaghetti & Meatballs make a pure RED PASSION main course! Btw, do you remember the iconic scene from “Lady and the Tramp“? Well, it’s time to play it with your Valentine…

Spaghetti & Love: We Adore it!


Chocolate Pot with fresh whipped cream & strawberries (or berries compote) ~

a plate of food on a table

Virtual Cooking Class. Valentine’s day

Chocolate pot: what else? This desserts is the most perfect way to end your amazing Valentine’s dinner with your beloved.

It’s silky, dense, incredibly rich and gorgeous. The best metaphor of your love!

Plus, we can make it very fun too by creating some different delicious toppings 🙂 




a person sitting at a table with a cake

Online Pasta Making Class

~ Stuffed ravioli from scratch with butter sage sauce

~ Tagliatelle from scratch with ricotta + tomato & basil sauce

~ Mango puree and wild berries compote

How this culinary program sounds to you?

Does it exist something more romantic than hanging out with your Valentine and rolling out dough?

a man cutting a piece of food

Pasta Making Class

No, it doesn’t. We promise!

Let Chef Abram guide you through the most amazing way to create the perfect pasta dough and be surpised by some extraordinary flavors.

Pasta is jam-packed with feelings, infused with meaning. When you make pasta for – and with – your beloved one you are comunicating all your love, caring and passion for him/her.

graphical user interface

Online Pasta Making Class

Tell your Valentine how much you adore him/her: let’s make pasta together!

* Please note that every menu can be totally customised according to your wishes and dietary restrictions, if there are any.

Would you like to hear a romantic modern fairy tale that perfectly matches with Valentine’s atmospheare?

Well, Chef Abram & me met six years ago… on Valentine’s Day & Online (via Instagram)!


a person standing in a room

Endless Love

Yes, we’ll celebrate our 7th Anniversary on February 14th and we are suuuper thrilled to make a huge awesome party with you online (we are kind of familiar with virtual stuff, you know 😉

Plus, we have a very nice Valentine’s gift in store for those who will feast with us on February.

Make sure to reserve your spot: February is running full!

Look very much forward to celebating Love (that doesn’t know any distance) through food (which is love itself!).

See you soon in Italy


Chef Abram & Cecilia

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