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Virtual Cooking Class. Valentine’s Day | I EAT Food Tours

a close up of a plate on a table

Valentine’s Day is coming. Celebrate your love with a special Virtual Cooking Class with Chef Abram, live from Italy!

Valentine’s plates hearts on a table


February has almost came and it’s gonna be all about hearts, chocolate treats and special dinners, in the tradition of the month of love.

When we think of the most romantic time of the year we usually focus on lovers and on Valentine’s day.

But you know something? We believe Valentine’s is not just for couples. It’s about LOVE, in the widest sense of the term. Which means love for the family, for our friends, our colleagues… for ourselves, too. ‘Course!

As every year, we are looking forward to hosting you on a special virtual cooking class and to cooking up some magic together through an epic, deliciously gorgeous and 100% infused with love virtual event. Live from the country of Amore: Italy!

Since we first launched our virtual cooking classes  we have been lucky enough to meet up with amazing people and to celebrate many important festivities with awesome food lovers from across the world.

a little boy that is eating some food Cecile Licad et al. sitting at a table in a restaurant a man sitting at a table with a plate of food

It all began in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, when we all were forced to don’t give up on fun, connections and celebrations. On the contrary, that was the time where we needed to express our love the most. And we did it, each of us in his own very way.

As for myself and chef Abram, as professionals in the food, travel and hospitality field we found out how cooking together, although virtually, was healing, in some way, for both parties.

Also, we discovered that sharing each others’ kitchens  was very powerful; it helped to create an immediate sense of confidence and enhanced the sense of bonding.  Of course, it was always so so fun and educational, too.

To sum up: we were thrilled to have found the perfect formula to keep on sharing our message of significant connections through food, which has always been the primary mission of our food experiences and food tours in Torino – that we had been forced to pause at that time.

Among the best moments we shared with families living thousand miles away, there are legendary virtual Christmas Parties, a very special New Years Eve Dinner (yes, we raised a glass to 2021 with a family from Switzerland!) many super Romantic Anniversaries, Crazy Fun Birthday Celebrations… and last but not the least, a few really emotional Valentine’s Cooking Classes!

In most cases we have been contacted by someone who wanted to ‘wow’ his family, love, friends…with a surprise tasty gift.

We can tell you from experience that you never go wrong when you go through food, and perhaps it has always been like this. As a matter of fact, food related gifts are the most appreciated these days, especially when they are linked to an experience – term that is very overused, I know, but that makes the idea of high impact, significant and educational activities. The funnier (and delicious) the better.

a woman sitting at a table with a plate of food

I EAT Food Tours. Virtual Cooking Classes with chef Abram

a person preparing food in a kitchen graphical user interface, application a desktop computer sitting on top of a table a man and a woman wearing a hat

Well, now pandemic is finally over and we still keep on receiving requests for virtual cooking gatherings. Our main audience comes from the States and it is not unusual that your parents, siblings, friends are living very far from you there.

Whether you are looking to celebrate a special Valentine’s day or to throw an epic online party, Chef Abram is super ready to give you an EXTRAordinary experience. Promise!

Let’s now find out our best sellers menus – Valentine’s Edition 🙂


I EAT Food Tours and Events Virtual Cooking Classes and Pasta Making

Love is in the air, and that’s awesome. It’s also awesome when your kitchen smells of an amazing scent of Italy, though. Isn’t it?

Italy IS  love, after all! (And I admit it, I am biased, but doesn’t that true? 😀

Having a look at our best sellers menu on Valentine’s time. I am happy to introduce you to a couple of awesome proposals that Mr Romance, aka Chef Abram, has created for you and your Amore.

Please, note that menu can be fully customised according to your wishes and dietary restrictions, if there are any.

Oh, one more thing: don’t forget that love doesn’t need any specific date to be celebrated and so any day is a good one to plan an extraordinary and surprising Virtual Cooking Event led by a Top Chef, live from the bella Italia.

And now, here we go with Chef Abram’s Love Menus.



Eggplant Parmigiana Gourmet ~

a close up of a plate of food

Eggplant parmesan. Online cooking class live from Italy

Oh… yes! That’s surely the best starter for your special dinner. Let Chef Abram surprise you with a volcanic and super delicious gourmet version of one of the most loved Italian dishes: the iconic Eggplant Parmigiana!


Italian Style Spaghetti & Meatballs ~

a bowl of Italian spaghetti on a plate

Spaghetti and meatballs Italian Style Virtual Cooking Class

Oh, my! These Italian Style Spaghetti & Meatballs make a pure RED PASSION main course! Btw, do you remember the iconic scene from “Lady and the Tramp“? Well, it’s time to play it with your Valentine…

Spaghetti & Love: We Adore it!

a man and woman posing for a photo

Chef Abram and Cecilia. I EAT Food Tours, Cooking Classes and Events.

a close up of a toy a person standing in front of a cake



Chocolate Pot with fresh whipped cream & strawberries (or berries compote) ~

a cup of chocolate with whipped cream and strawberries

Chocolate dessert Valentine’s Day Virtual Cooking Class

Chocolate pot: what else? This desserts is the most perfect way to end your amazing Valentine’s dinner with your beloved.

It’s silky, dense, incredibly rich and gorgeous. The best metaphor of your love! Plus, we can make it very fun too by creating some different delicious toppings.

If you are not so into chocolate dessert, Another juicy one is the timeless tiramisu in a glass with berries’ glassè and compote. Special recipe by chef Abram, of course.

tiramisu fruit in a glass

Valentine’s menu ideas. Virtual Cooking Classes. Gift certificate

a woman cooking food in a kitchen




Pasta masterclass. Online cooking class

Virtual Pasta Making Class live from Italy. Your Valentine’s gift from the country of Amore

~ Stuffed ravioli from scratch with butter sage sauce

~ Tagliatelle from scratch with ricotta + tomato & basil sauce

~ Mango puree and wild berries compote

How this culinary program sounds to you?

Does it exist something more romantic than hanging out with your Valentine and rolling out dough?

a man cutting a piece of food

Pasta Making Class

No, it doesn’t. We promise!

Let Chef Abram guide you through the most amazing way to create the perfect pasta dough and get wowed by some simple yet super tasty flavours.

Pasta is jam-packed with feelings, infused with meaning. When you make pasta for – or with – your beloved ones you are communicating all your love, caring and passion for them.

People watching a screen and smiling

Pasta lovers making fresh pasta online. Virtual cooking class with chef Abram

And if it’s just you and your love, well, tell your Valentine how much you adore him/her: let’s make pasta together!

a plate of tagliatelle pasta and eggs on a table

Pasta and eggs on a plate with a rollin pin

a close up of a plate of ravioli with butter and parmesan cheese

Before concluding…

Would you like to read a romantic modern fairy tale that perfectly matches with the special Valentine’s vibe? Chef Abram and I met nine years ago on Valentine’s Day. And it doesn’t stop here. As a matter of fact, we met via Instagram 🙂 In a few months Abram moved from The Netherlands to Torino to live with me and he started working as a food concept developer and head chef for a Michelin Star restaurant dates 1758. In 2018 we launched our own business, I EAT Food Tours and Events. The rest is history.

a woman holding a bottle of Barolo wine

Ready to rise a glass of Barolo Magnum 2001 with you! Cheers!

Time really goes fast and we are about to celebrate our 9th Online Anniversary on February 14th. We’d bethrilled to make a huge awesome party with you. We are kind of familiar with virtual stuff, you know… Plus, we have prepared a special Barolo edition to rise a glass with you!

Make sure to reserve your spot: February is running full. YAY!

Look very much forward to celebrating Love (that doesn’t know any distance) through food (which is love itself!).

See you soon in Italy. Whether with a virtual cooking class live from Italy or a food experience in Torino.


Cecilia and chef Abram xx