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Corporate Events | Innovative Workshops in Piedmont, Italy


Corporate Events in Turin, Piedmont, Italy.

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Customised Corporate Events in Turin and Piedmont Region.

Greetings, fellow professionals, wellness enthusiasts and curious palates,

I am Cecilia Puca, an Italian sociologist with a passion for unraveling the complexities of workplace stress and a commitment to transforming corporate well-being.

Five years ago I embarked on a Culinary Journey. My professional career took an exciting turn when I, alongside a dedicated partner, founded an independent business in the charming city of Turin, Italy.

Our focus was, and still is, on curating tailor-made culinary events that transcended traditional boundaries.

This venture not only introduced us to the rich tapestry of culinary tourism but also allowed us to delve into the fascinating world of gastronomy.

Today, I am thrilled to unveil a new chapter – a series of workshops designed to cater to the unique needs of corporate environments.

These tailored workshops blend creativity, stress management, education, culinary experiences, narrative, storytelling, art… to create a holistic approach to redefine the workplace experience.

Before venturing in the culinary multiverse, my professional journey was rooted in the exploration of stress-related dynamics in both private and public sectors, including the automotive industry.

Picture this: the insights gained from deriving into the nuances of stress, dissecting its impact and unraveling coping mechanism.

These workshops, in the way I have envisioned them, are designed to let every activity, strategy and moment infused with the depth of understanding cultivated through years of navigating the complexity of stress and searching for the best holistic practices to cope with it.

The blend of knowledge, creativity and culinary innovation helps to find innovative solutions to address the evolving landscape of corporate + wellbeing/wellness.

The Fusion of Expertise

Let’s rewind the narrative to the roots of my journey – a journey steeped in sociology, with a focus on stress-related research across both private and public sectors, including the dynamic realm of the automotive industry.

Beyond the formalities, it’s about the inherent curiosity and genuine spirit of research that define my approach.

Diving into various areas of knowledge, I’ve become a storyteller of human experiences, unraveling the intricacies of stress in the workplace.

Now, imagine the seamless integration of sociological insights into a new career path – culinary tourism and events. We delve into the unique approach that marries sociology with culinary innovation, creating a harmonious blend of two seemingly distinct worlds.

The fusion of expertise, together with a divergent thinking that is part of my DNA, comes to life, paving the way for a holistic and innovative journey in corporate well being.

The canvas is ready, and the strokes of sociology, stress management, and culinary arts blend seamlessly, creating something that transcends the ordinary approaches.

Stay tuned for the next chapter as we further unfold the narrative, showcasing how this fusion becomes the cornerstone of our transformative workshops, where creativity, stress management, and culinary experiences converge in a symphony of well-being.

Innovative Tailor Made Workshops


Corporate Events designed by I Eat Food Tours & Events

These workshops are a fusion of stress-related best practices, well-being strategies, creativity, and culinary expertise.

The goal is to provide organizations with a holistic solution that goes beyond traditional approaches.

Corporate Wellness. Tailor Made Workshops in Piedmont

Corporate and Team Building Events.

Imagine sessions where the senses are engaged, and employees are not only educated but also inspired.


a group of people sitting at a table

Central to these workshops is the recognition that creativity is a powerful tool for stress reduction. We delve into sessions that unleash the creative spirit within participants, offering them a respite from the pressures of the corporate world.

Allow me to draft the guidelines of what I have in mind:

1. Holistic Well-Being Strategies (Engaging the Senses):

The workshops are meticulously crafted to engage all senses, creating an immersive experience.

From soothing visuals to delightful aromas, participants are enveloped in an environment that not only educates but also nurtures their well-being.

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2. Beyond Education (Inspiring Transformation):

It’s more than just education; it’s about inspiring transformation.

Picture sessions where participants don’t just learn strategies; they are motivated to integrate these practices into their daily lives. The workshops become a catalyst for positive change.

3. A Journey into Culinary Creativity (Culinary Expertise):

Eventi a Torino

The culinary expertise infused into the workshops elevates the experience. Participants embark on a journey into culinary creativity, where the art of cooking becomes a metaphor for managing stress and fostering creativity.

4. Navigating Beyond Traditional Approaches (Holistic Solution):

Our goal is clear – to provide organizations with a holistic solution that transcends traditional approaches to well-being. These workshops are a departure from the mundane, offering a fresh perspective on how corporate wellness can be redefined.

5. A Symphony of Wellness (Inspiring Minds):

In essence, these workshops are a symphony of wellness. The blending of different insights, stress management, creativity, and culinary arts creates a harmonious composition that resonates with each participant, inspiring minds and cultivating a culture of well-being.

The positive feedback received from a high-profile international clientele speaks volumes about the impact of our customized food experiences in both educational and motivational contexts.


From bean to bar. Chocolate Workshops with I EAT Food Tours

What sets this initiative apart is the narrative we aim to craft – one where well-being is not merely a concept but a tangible experience.


Tailor Made Workshops for stress remedies


Customise your corporate event with I EAT. Food Tours in Turin. PS: that Sicilian Wine!

Collaborate for Corporate Thriving:

I extend an invitation to professionals and organizations seeking a paradigm shift in corporate wellness. Let’s collaborate to reimagine the workplace as a space where stress is managed, creativity flourishes, and employees thrive in an atmosphere of holistic well-being.


Team Building. Culinary Experiences and Tailor Made Workshops.



Chef Abram’s tailored menus ideas to delight your senses.


Custom Workshops. Corporate Wellness and Chocolate Tastings



Aperitif and Guided Vermouth Workshops, Turin. I EAT. Food Tours

Looking forward to hearing from you to start reshaping the landscape of corporate wellness together!

Feel free to reach out to us to get a more detailed glimpse of our workshops formats and ideas. Always tailored to your goals and needs.

Thanks for reading,