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I EAT Food Tours: Gastronomy Trailblazer of the Year 2024 Award

Hello, everyone,

Today we are thrilled to share a milestone moment with our splendid community of international foodies and extensive travellers.

I Eat Food Tours, our family business based in Turin, Northern Italy, has just received a beautiful Award!


I EAT Food Tours. Gastronomy Trailblazer Italy 2024

Receiving the Gastronomy Trailblazer of the year 2024 Award from LuxLife Magazine is an affirmation of our relentless pursuit to contribute to redefine food tourism in Italy.

At I EAT Food Tours we are a wife and husband business – Two Hearts Enterprise, as I use to say.

We believe in more than just showcasing culinary delights: we strive to craft immersive journeys that celebrate the artisans, traditions and flavours unique to Piedmont’s and overall Italy’s gastronomy landscape.

I Eat Food Tours Award Winner. Gastronomy Trailblazer of the Year 2024

This recognition fuels our passion to continue pushing boundaries, forging deeper connections, and igniting a newfound appreciation for the rich rainbow of flavours of Italian Cuisine.

We invite you all to always embrace the unknown, savour every taste and inspire others to embark on their own epicurean adventures.

Thanks to LuxLife Magazine for this beautiful Award and to all the splendid foodies who have chosen and keep on choosing us for their Italian Delectable Moments! Hence, I am also adding our being #1 in Turin with our best seller food experience.


I EAT Food Tours have now collected almost 400 five star reviews.

Please, check on our website to discover more. And feel free to reach out to us if you have any curiosity or you’d like to squeeze up some juicy ideas together.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you in Turin at some point soon.


Cecilia & Abram

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