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INCENTIVE TRAVEL PROPOSALS IN PIEDMONT | Elevate your upcoming business travel

Langhe & Wonders

Langhe & Wonders


Reward your employees with a totally tailor made Incentive Travel Proposal in the gorgeous and resourceful Piedmont region, Italy.

Our incentive events and travel proposals are designed to provide you and your team with not just an impactful and deeper immersion into a destination but also to go hand in hand with your company’s vision, missions and values.


Accordingly with the expectancy theory, the valence of a reward (its attractiveness or desirability) is a key component of motivating employees.

Motivation in the workplace can be defined as “the set of forces that initiates, directs, and makes people persist in their efforts to accomplish a goal” (Williams & McWilliams, 2014, p. 213).

Motivation + Travel make together a really special combo.

As a matter of fact, the travel motivation theory helps to explain which particular aspects of travel make it an attractive reward.

According to it, travel incentives contribute to the need for recognition and achievement, and it is argued (Hastings et al., 1988) that tangible rewards such as money or gifts do not have the same glamour as travel, which is attractive to a large number of employees.

Cooking class Torino

Cooking Classes in Turin. Increase creativity and boost cooperation through a design team building ‘n bonding activity.


Here below are just some of the benefits deriving from incentive events and travel programs, for both management and employees:

-Phenomenal ROI;

-Productivity and creativity boost;

-Emotional bonds;

-Increase levels of performances;

-Strengthen Employee Loyalty;

-Build better relationships between employees and management;

-Reduced stress in the workplace after the incentive trip and a few days off…

Luxury Events and Travel in Piedmont

Travel To Piedmont. Incentive Events and  Travels


We know how to trill, surprise, and allow your employees to experience something uniquely different. Our approach in designing your incentive travel program is a thoughtful blend of novelty and education. We aim at developing for you a meaningful experiential escape where each one will enrich himself and enrich the relationship with the entire team at the same time.

Chef Abram and Cecilia, Co hosts of your unconventional food experience in Turin

Chef Abram and Cecilia, designers and Co hosts of your event or incentive travel in Piedmont



Torino. The former Italian capital and gem of Northern Italy

Torino. The former Italian capital and gem of Northern Italy

Piedmont is a borderland, leaning on France, surmounted by the western Alps, bordered by the Ligurian Apennines and crossed by the Po river.

It is a land of glorious history, from the Romans to the Savoy, From Olivetti to Fiat Automobiles.

A huge plus value about Piedmont is that it’s a land of contamination, with its mountains (Piedmont means “at the foot of the mountain, btw), the very rich water resources (think of Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta, Lake Tanaro, to name a few).

Lakes, waterfalls, nature. Piedmont's mountains and valleys.

Dreamy scenario in Piedmont’s mountains.

Not to mention the gentle and wonderful hilly areas – from Langhe to Monferrato, Unesco Heritage – famous for their precious products such as pedigree wines (Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco) and also known for the diamonds of the ground: Your Majesty The White Alba truffle. The entire food and wine scene represents a fundamental value, a tradition, a resource.

Alba White Truffle. Diamonds of the ground food on a table

Nevertheless, a significant part of the history and cultural heritage.

Finest wines of Italy. Niche wines and special wine cellars to visit

Finest wines of Italy. Niche wines and special wine cellars to visit

That being said, such a rich and eterogeneous scenario can’t do anything but shaping an ideal place to host your incentive or event travel, and that’s because the possibilities of creating someting ad hoc for you are potentially countless.

Wine Education Session + Tasting

Wine Education Session + Tasting

From wine tastings to truffle hunting.

From cooking shows to unconventional dinings with starred chefs.

Join Chef Abram on one of his unconventional cooking experiences

From farm to table cooking classes, to local food tours.

Unconventional Food Experience with Chef Abram in Turin

Unconventional Food Experience with Chef Abram in Turin

From wellness and meditation programs, to detox menus and classes.

a large green field with trees in the background

From motivational Hiking programs, to spa and relaxation…

Cheese Experience and Tasting in Piedmont

Cheese Experience and tasting in Piedmont

From visiting pittoresque mountain’s villages, to discover the farming life.

These are just some briefly described possibilities to choose from if you decide to explore Torino and the Piedmont region through our carefully curated itineraries and planning.

Allow your employees to live a memorable time and let them celebrate their reward in the most significant way.

a group of people sitting at a table

Dining in the vineyard in Piedmont

Into the vineyards with your team.

Picnic in vigna, Piemonte

Picnic in vigna, Piemonte

Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share this blog post, if you think it may be helpful and appreciated.

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With love from Italy,



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