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GINO D’ACAMPO, the Italian celebrity chef living in the UK, and his gorgeous wife Jessica joined I EAT Food Tours in Turin!

Gino D’Acampo, Celebrity chef, and Jessie D’Acampo joined I EAT Food Tours in Turin

Jessie D’Acampo and her lovely mom Elizabeth, joining our chocolate experience in Turin

Life is full of amazing surprises…are you with me?

Well, it was just WOW to receive such vibrant, happy, awesome and certainly unexpected birthday wishes from celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo and his amazing wife Jessica!

Gino D’Acampo and Jessie D’Acampo WISHING ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

But first thing first.

A few weeks ago we had the great pleasure to meet Jessica and her adorable mom Elizabeth, and to guide them through a chocolicious experience in Turin.

Chocolate is the catalyst for discovery and connection and while we were savouring the God’s nectar, we shared pieces of each others’ life and built fantastic memories.


Chocolate and Sweet Experience with I EAT Food Tours & Events

Chocolate and Sweet Experience with I EAT Food Tours & Events


What happened next?

Well, it simply happened that Abram, my partner both in life and in business (for those of you reading, Abram and I are co-founders of I EAT Food Tours & Events) asked Jessica if she could let Gino make a surprise birthday wishes video for me… And he did it!

A friendship has just born! Cheers!

Cheers to many more beautiful memories in Turin!

a group of people posing in front of a building

(Check it out the video to get a wave of super sonic vibes. It’s in Italian, great vibes don’t care of any language, though. Isn’t it?).

Can you guys immagine my face when I watched it? I mean, this is too cool, isn’t it?

Both me and Abram have always watched his YouTube videos and Tv shows. We like him a lot for many many reasons.

Perhaps especially for his remarkable spontaneity and genuinity. For the great energies within him. For his contagious sympathy and his heart centred  entrepreneurial mind (huge plus: he’s Neapolitan and myself I have Neapolitan blood running into my veins 😀 ).

Now we like him even more for the stunning family he and Jessica have built together.

Gino D'Acampo and his beautiful family

Gino D’Acampo and his beautiful family. Photo courtesy, Gino D’Acampo.                                                                                                 Despite the huge fame, success and popularity, they remain first of all “normal human being”… who take time to create a fun and lovely birthday video for me! To surprise me!

Jessie and Gino: you’ll always have our deepest gratitude for joining us and such a special gift.

Making people happy is priceless and you did it!

We are keep on sharing this clip to almost anyone joining our food tours and events. Well, they all are WOWED not just for Gino is a celebrity but for his generous gesture.

It goes without saying that we look forward to having both Gino, Jessica and all their beautiful family in Turin and Piedmont, to let them taste its many wonders 🙂

And of course we can’t wait to visit one of Gino’s many many stunning restaurants in the UK. Including the one just open by his son Luciano – Luciano by Gino D’Acampo –

Which looks absolutely stunning and offers a great menu! Check their IG account out


I decided to share this explosion of good vibes for this video has put a huge smile not just on our faces but on anyone has been watching since the very first time.

Plus, it works as a motivational video 😀 (to us for sure!).

If you read between the lines it says: “Life wants to surprise you! Allow her to do the magic. Be kind. Be thankful. Be You!”

Grazie mille Gino & Jessica,  until the next time! Hopefully very soon.


Cecilia and Abram



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