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Chocolate and Sweets Tour | Turin

Happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate...made in Turin!

Quick Details

Chocolate delights from inventive chocolate masters, not conventional chocolate creations, unique and inspirational ambiance. Last but not least: a chocolatefall of happiness with Cecilia and chef Abram, your Food Ambassadors in Turin!  We use to say that chocolate is like art: it opens up a world of endless possibilities and interpretations. That’s one of the reason why we both are in love with it. And of course very happy to introduce you our creative way to showcase the chocolate universe made in Turin. Would you like to join us?

Shared Tour
Child Up to 2 years old
Private Tour

Delight Your Senses on This Design Chocolate Tour!

Dear foodies and chocolate lovers from all over the world,

this is Cecilia and chef Abram, your passionate Food Ambassadors in Turin.

We are happy you came across our virtual box containing all the scrumptious food experiences we have designed for you.

And how nice that you are interested to discover the magical chocolate world made in Torino: one of the most interesting chocolate capitals and not less a fabulous city of art, history and culture. After all we are still talking of the first Italian capital, where the splendor and the elegance of that time stand still.

Why is Torino a must visit destination for chocolate lovers? 

It is necessary to go back in time to answer this question. As for many iconic culinary delights that travel through time preserving their fame, chocolate is for sure one of the most legendary ones that is very linked with the Royal House of Savoy, notoriously known for a very refined palate and a gourmet spirit. And so it seems that, when it comes to chocolate, we must give our thanks to Emanuele Filiberto I of Savoy. He was captain general of the Spanish army, and transferred the capital of his duchy from Chambery to Turin.

What does that have to do with chocolate? Well, according to a thesis, this Savoy may have been the first to make chocolate in Italy. In fact, in the mid-sixteenth century he would have received cocoa from the Emperor Charles V as a gift for the victory of San Quentin over the French. Then the marriages of the Savoy with the Infante of Spain and the French princesses, who brought with them cooks, pastry chefs and courtiers, made Turin one of the European capitals of chocolate processing. In 1678 the so called drink of the gods became more common, when Antonio Arri received the “gracious” royal permission to: “publicly sell the chocolate drink for six years from the date of the present”.

From then on, the chocolate mania truly bloomed!

And so if you’d like discovering -and tasting- more on this particulary delicious and irresistable subject you are very welcome to join our chocolate tour!

We know you will fall madly in love with our marvelous local chocolate.  We take you to the most interesting chocolate labs in Turin and introduce to you some authentic magic made by our favourite chocolate masters. But it doesn’t stop here, though. Let us surprise you with some more. Are you in?

Tour Highlights

  • Stroll through the most elegant and charming side of the city centre and step into the time when Turin was the first Italian capital.
  • Taste unique chocolate creations made by inventive chocolate makers and small artisans
  • Sample a large variety of  finest local chocolate products, coffee specialities and craft delights
  • Learn about the long history behind Turin’s chocolate culture
  • Enjoy the exciting stories from your passionate storyteller and food ambassador
  • Be wowed by the special places we have selected to give you a not conventional chocolate experience
  • NOT ONLY CHOCOLATE… Let us surprise you!

Where to Meet

  • We will welcome you in the centre of Turin the exact location and address will be send to you after your booking.
  • Parking possibilities in the parking lot ‘Roma, San Carlo, Castello’.
  • From Porta Nuova railway station, just walk 10 minutes over Via Roma in the direction of Piazza Castello.
  • From Porta Susa railway station, take the bus nr 13 or 56. Stop ‘Castello’.

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